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  • boring, but what's lucky is that there's a first year who is so ****ing rich and so dumb, that he pays me like 2 pounds to do his INCREDIBLY easy maths prep, or anything else he can't be bothered to do :D
    but my problem is that i've been trying to find someone who i can pay to do Art for me, because i'm concentrating on every other ****ing subject, i can't be bothered to do my art! which as easy as it is for me, is still very time consuming :/
    any ideas other on pokemon, for example, i was thinking, NO ONE would expect me to go to a VCG tournament with all of my pokemon the same, ie - ALL KYOGRES or ALL SPIRITOMBS, what do you think? for example rayquaza or arceus can learn every move there is, so 2 arceus' in one battlefield could learn a weakness for every type there is right?
    me too - GCSE year right? but mine finish at virtually the same time... 5 mins more :(
    i said don't ask but it's been pretty crap... it had a timed essay for one of my preps and a bunch of crappy physics b*llsh*t for my other :(
    lol - no way that's so obnoxious - wat an effort an for nothing! lol
    well - i'm happy for you... :p
    i made a VCG compatible legendary team... uno, ones that are allowed, about 3 months ago, all EV trained and they are AWESOME! i made use of kyogre's drizzle because not only does it power up water spout, but it creates an ENSURED hit on thunder, which call also hit pokemon that are using bounce and fly lol
    but i'm making another team of classic pokemon who would be just generaly great like electivire, porzgon-z and spiritomb etc :)
    no, no - it's ok, i haven't been tlking much either... anyway
    i'm gud, bit tired though, school n' all :( wat bout u? cept for the busy part ;)
    how's pokemon bin - anything interesting - i was so happy, i got both the arceus AND the pichu today from the movie, uno, the ones that activate events in HGSS! part from that i've been busy traing up for the VCG next year :D - i missed this yrs one, i really think i can win next year :p
    lol! IRISH cofee, lol - yep, it was a crap day... sorry, WEEK! for me to... but... nothing i can do about it :( - cheer up, it's the weekend! ;)
    thanx - that's very helpful ;) - i'll check it out, if it's good for the dsi i'll tell you, just in case your gonna buy it :)
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