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  • Man, that can't be fun. I hope things can get straightened out so you can get a job or get into college soon. What would you be studying?
    Ack! I should have responded sooner. In a word: busy. Since I last chatted with you, I learned how to take apart and repair a computer, upgrade the components, differentiate between different versions of Windows, recognize various problems that can occur with an operating system, and I even learned a bit of basic programming. In total, I have only had about 3 or so weeks of break this year. But I am enjoying what I'm learning! I'm on break until the 22nd of August.

    So what's new with you? I remember you saying that you hoped you could get a scholarship. Have you been able to?
    I hate to say it, but I'd almost be in favor of some kind of competency test (at least a literacy test) in order to obtain the privilege of posting in the debate forum. :x
    By the way I have a new thread in the Debate section that you might be interested in partaking in,as the subject is not hostile and the like,so...?
    (Also watching an episode of Family Guy is not the best way to start off an intellectual discussion.)
    I'd say its a good way to start... after that the only way for the discussion to go is up. JK sorry I had to go there.
    Hey, just wanted to add this to your latest evolution post: they aren't using the word hominid anymore [driving some of my profs nuts]. The word is hominin now.

    Damn nomenclature :S
    >Neil Patrick Harris created everything

    You win the interwebz in a legen...wait for it...dary way. Play again?
    :,( You beat me to the punch in the evolution thread. At first I was hesitant to join over the speculation that the OP is a troll. I'm still typing my collection of responses though. I'll see what I can add to your response.
    I think you're safe, J.T. Debates is a section filled with high school/college students with just the most basic layer of insight into their chosen fields, and the odd lightweight philosopher. We're hardly a section of bonafide experts.

    Though the way some folks act, the fun of intelligent discussion can certainly be spoiled, yeah. =/
    (And of course this is the first topic I'm compelled to respond to after who knows how long)
    It's about time. You've been MIA too long.
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