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  • I spent more close to 4 weeks to find one leftovers. I don't play the game for long but my gosh it is way harder than 5th gen!

    I been scolded from work sometimes. Well I don't mind.
    Haha we both are busy~

    Haha I rather be scolded in work than to learn from my mistakes from a game lol.

    Hmm I realised it is way harder for my item pickers to pick up leftovers for 6th gen.
    Haha I still come back online~ I miss being here.

    No one likes to lose. It takes time for me to find out I enjoyed the match lol.
    Haha! Of course I have to be psyche myself that it is ok to lose very often~

    Oh Skell, I am doing my attachment now so I won't able to drop for often for at least a month~ Hope I can chat to you after that!
    Tigers aren't interested in catnip XD

    Yup! It is soo weak if I don't train its attack power XD That is why it is the best!
    Yeah! But since it is hard for them to survive in their homeland, it is better for people to raise them!

    Jolly lol. Even so its attack power is peanuts! Or maybe it does even worse damage on Tornadus as I didn't EVed it for attack, only for special attack and speed. It is 15 attack stat for lv50.
    Lol in the zoo with 2 walls of barrier? Nope! They are white in colour though, must be the problem with the genes.

    Haha! I wonder how powerful is Magikarp's full Bounce power. Last time I remember is it did about 1/8 hit on Tornadus XD
    Lol no. I mean humans are the one that invade the monkey's home!

    I see what I can do to make sure I can use him as the final hit as often as possible haha! See him on his side and used BOOUNNNNNCCCE and hit the opponent with a flop! Yup but this time if they DCed, it is their lost XD
    You know when the newspaper mentioned about monkeys raiding their homes, it is actually the opposite lol. I don't mind to stay in areas that the old buildings was tore down and built a new one, like where I stay.

    Well seeing him flop in 3D is nice for 6th gen. That maybe funnier if I win using him as the last hit huh?
    Oh! I can fantasize that! Oh no! The place I am in does not have many greenery at all. It is sad to see so many buildings here. Most of them are residential buildings that we don't need them. People invests in houses but that does not mean they stay in there.

    In singles maybe easy to buff up, but in doubles is different. Many people use Taunt so I only can manage the final hit. I didn't buff him at all.
    Lol maybe I asked too much XD

    Oh oh! Nice! Able to eat healthy and have many spaces to exercise!

    Bounce. Lol it is Jap shiny Magikarp.
    Haha. Well I thought you stated ok means you two aren't that friendly towards each other.

    WOW. That is alot for a place!

    Yup! One time my Magikarp won the battle in doubles. Just one time.
    Haha ok! Some disagreement between you and him huh?

    Wow. Is there alot of fresh produces?

    Haha. Yeah but in doubles I can use any Pokemon to win, well most of them in their evolved form.
    Wow! He is a nice guy!

    Wow. There is a beach there yet it is still a dry area?

    Yup! I only battle in doubles!
    Oh no. Do you managed to get someone to fix it for you?

    Yours is a seasonal area right? So not always hot and dry.

    Yup! But I like it when I can use the move myself~
    Oh? Something happened?

    Yay me too! I probably like Winter cause in the country I stay there isn't any and is always hot!

    Really? I aren't afraid for Deoxys. I just don't like falling asleep in the first round.
    At least you get seasonal snow too~ But do you feel miserable during winter times? Especially when it is really cold?

    Free battles allow legendaries right? After this month, expect alot of Darkrais in battle hmm.

    Haha, especially when it is still under confirmation!
    That time I went to Stockholm in Sweden. Oh the play pool was indoor linked to outdoor so I went outside and opened my mouth to taste the snow XD

    I no need to have strong IVs for Leges since I only train them if I have nothing else to train for haha.

    Now I heard there maybe a dimmer emission trail from this comet. What gives lol.
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