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Recent content by jab2033

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    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    Restarted Pokemon White Just beat Straiton Gym with current team: Snivy Lv14 Panpour Lv13 Purrloin Lv12 Killed Lillipup with Snivy, then sent out Purrloin hoping to get in a Sand Attack or two. Turns out, he spammed Work-up while I spammed Sand Attack. Then he tried killing me with...
  2. J

    New BW Team. Wow, It's been a While...

    Thanks for the suggestions, folks. Made a few changes. I'm considering replacing Darmanitan with Chandelure, only because I could use another Special-Based pokemon. 4/6 of my team is physical, and Chandelure doesn't really give my team any more glaring weaknesses. How about this set...
  3. J

    New BW Team. Wow, It's been a While...

    ...Since I've posted here. Restarted Pokemon White just because I wanted to get ready for Black and White 2. This is the team I want to have when I face Alder (the real Champion) after the 2nd round with the Elite Four. Hopefully the entire team will be level 75+ by that point. Serperior...
  4. J

    The Best team in the world!

    You've got some MAJOR type weaknesses: 6/6 weak to BoltBeam (Electric + Ice) 3/6 weak to Rock. Aerial Ace or Dragon Tail over Iron Tail on Serperior. Aerial Ace hits more types super-effectively and neutrally. Dragon Tail hits the abundance of Dragon Types and hits more things for neutral...
  5. J

    rate my team

    I'll give you some final movesets suggestions. My comments will be in BOLD Hope I helped.
  6. J

    First Sandstorm Team

    Crunch over Thunderbolt on Tyranitar. Crunch is STAB, and is also physical where Thunderbolt is Special. With an Adamant Nature, which lowers Special Attack, Thunderbolt won't be too effective.
  7. J

    The last movie you saw

    Megamind has been on the HBO channels the last week. Watched that, and Ice Age.
  8. J

    Planned Ingame HG Team

    You might want to consider ExtremeSpeed on Arcanine. And for the item, maybe the Wide Lens? It's a nice accuracy boost on Thunder Fang and Fire Blast. A Rock-Type move such as Rock Slide or Stone Edge as the last move on Granbull works. The Quake-Edge (Ground + Rock) gets very nice coverage.
  9. J

    Advice for my Team?

    Please do! As far as Heavy Slam vs Body Slam, it all depends if you like the paralysis chance. It's basically a preference choice.
  10. J

    Advice for my Team?

    Unfortunately, no. Snorlax's Special Attack is horrible. That's why I recommended Reuniclus. It can handle Fighting types, while being naturally bulky and having healing in Recover. It's better than Snorlax when you look at your type weaknesses. Btw, how did you make that team banner in the...
  11. J

    Advice for my Team?

    Yes, Snorlax is good, but again, you'll have 3 weak to Fighting. That's half your team. But if you want to go with Snorlax, there are a couple of things you can do. -Body Slam/Return -Crunch/Fire Punch -Rest -Sleep Talk This RestTalk set is designed to make use of Snorlax's natural...
  12. J

    Need help completing my team

    Waterfall > Aqua Tail on Feraligatr and Dragonite. The red Gyarados is fine, but Flamethrower sucks on it. Its SpAtk is horrible. Dragon Dance Waterfall Ice Fang Earthquake This is Gyarados' best in-game moveset. It also works fairly well competitively. How about a Fire type...
  13. J

    Weak Attack

    My changes will be in BOLD: Hope I helped.
  14. J

    Advice for my Team?

    I have noticed a few major weaknesses type-wise. 3 Pokemon (Tyranitar, Typhlosion, and Chandelure) are weak to Water and Ground. 3 Pokemon (Tyranitar, Magnezone, and Empoleon) are weak to Fighting as well. That's three major weaknesses. Since Tyranitar's Sandstorm hurts more than helps...
  15. J

    Suggestions for my team please!

    Thunderbolt over Sludge Bomb on Gengar. It gets better coverage. Poison is a terrible attacking type. It only hits Grass super-effectively. Can't really think of anything else...