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  • Hey Jack5326! I have your 31/x/31/31/31/31 Swablu with all of its Egg Moves ready. You didn't request an ability so I gave it Natural Cure because that's the best ability for Altaria. Let me know when you can trade!
    Thank you very much! I hope I run into Bank Balls again so I can possibly breed more of that want list of yours.
    Hey, sorry, I don't actually know what a DM is (I'm a little new to the forums) so I'm just going to post this visitor message and hope that I'm on the right track. I'll be online, IGN is Carl, what's your IGN? So I know who to trade when the time comes
    Hey, I was able to get a 5 IV Flawless Female Adamant Meditite with Drain/Bullet Punch, Psycho Cut, and Fake Out in a Love Ball, would you trade this for a Tyranitarite?
    Sure, not a problem. In the mean time I'll add you, if you want to do the same (but feel free to do it whenever is best for you) my FC is 3325-3523-8312 and my In-game name is Carl.
    Interested in Charizardite X, I have a 6 IV Female Intimidate Mawile in a Moon Ball, with Fire/Ice/Thunder Fang/Metal Burst.
    Male 5 IV Shroomish (Missing SpA) Adamant nature, has Bullet Seed, Quick Feet (Technician @ Breloom)
    Male 5 IV Mawile (Missing SpA) Adamant nature, has Fire Fang/Sucker Punch, Intimidate
    [I'm gonna breed them, so it may take a bit]
    For a Leftovers? I sent you a PM on this before but you never replied even though you were still posting in the trade forums and such
    At the minimum I would like a reply, thanks.
    I can breed you these 5IV Pokemon in a dream ball:

    Nidoran F

    I also have a love ball 5IV Cleffa
    Would you trade your leftovers and life orb for a impish heavy ball Phanpy w/ ice shard, play rough, heavy slam, head smash and a Impish heavy ball skarmory w/ whirlwind, brave bird and stealth rocks?
    I can offer a bunch of dream ball Pokemon as well if you don't want those. :)
    All right! Thanks so much! I thought maybe my Wi-Fi had been affected by local thunderstorms, but since the Forums were still up, I knew that wasn't causing the weird errors. Hope the style of those Poké Balls wows opponents into submission...or something less weird. Anyway, thanks again!
    Actually, earlier in our VM conversation, you indicated 1 5IV and one un-IV Pokémon (in Bank Balls) would work for Mewtwonite Y and a 3 IV and an un-IV (in Bank Balls) would work for the other three items. A perfect four-for-four trade results!

    I'd be ready to trade in just a few minutes (assuming the power doesn't go out around here, LOL). There's one brief thing I've got to do first.
    Okay, here's what I've got. I think you'll be pleased with the results.

    Level Ball female Makuhita, straight from HG, no perfect stats
    Love Ball female Whismur, bred to have perfect HP, Defense, and Sp. Defense (note: Speed IV is zero)
    Love Ball female Ralts, straight from HG, no perfect stats
    Lure Ball female Swablu, bred to have perfect HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def (also happens to have the Egg Move Agilty)

    Also, I'll be checking a few more times today to see if you're on and available for trade.
    Well, I actually had not started breeding Machop, since I knew the gender ratio might give me trouble. I've gotten some good results on others, though, and I'm nearly done now. I'll report back soon!
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