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  • Hi, sorry about that! I had never reached full capacity on my inbox EVER, but I have messages that go as far back as 2013. Anyway, I cleared a few, so you should be okay to send me a message! And idk if it's hacked or not because of that. Hahah
    We messed up the time again lol. So I googled uk time and it's 3pm. I'll come back in 2 hours and we can try again (that'll be 5pm for you)
    I added you, waiting for you to add me and go online. I can't pm you because it says you exceeded your inbox limit, delete some messages so we can communicate!
    No I just don't have an option to post a thread, and at the bottom it says not permitted.
    I'd be quite happy for you to post a thread, just mention the idea I had but your welcome to take it from there! I'd just be happy for people to have access to my idea so we can all enjoy it :)
    I saw your challenge idea. It sounds interesting. Maybe could just post the challenge as a stand alone thread for other users in the Challenge board to see? Could also do maybe an advanced form where you try getting a group of traders and do sort of like a secret Santa type thing. So maybe like instead of just swapping entire teams, go in an order and one person trades with someone, then that person trades (but no trade back) with another person in the group, etc...until no one has anything they started with except for maybe the starter?
    I'd be looking for a casual battel as well as another Friend in the safari. My FC is 1650-1536-9669
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