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Recent content by Jackson

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    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    Thank you for pointing that out here I fixed it Comic20: http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/7748/20nsbt5.png sorry about leavin on you... ya Ill send you the sprites tomorrow when I get the time... well here is todays update! Comic21: http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/8167/21nsxc2.png
  2. J

    The Pokemon Observations

    Very good comics Famous. lol so thats why no one can go back there lol. IF you keep makin them Ill keep readin them.
  3. J

    (_~.::Xerths Showcase::.~_)

    wow.. they are very good... I really like the Orebyathin but the Shockbyte kinda scared me lol
  4. J

    My first sprites

    If they're really your first they are very very good... but they need a little bit more shading and coloring...
  5. J

    Dark_Hyde Sprites

    your gona wanna go to a shop with those.. thats what they're for...
  6. J

    What if your parents or yourself are a Game Freak developer?

    then I would have all the pokemon games about 6 mounths before every one else.. and I make my own game... just for me... YOU CANT HAVE IT!!! lol
  7. J

    Tiles, Pixel Art, and Other Things.

    wow..... not mush else to say other than.. wow.. your so good at the custom tiles and maps... IF I were to want to us these I my comic could I? I mean yes you would get credit.
  8. J

    Pokemon Nicknames

    I dont normaly nick name my pokemon.. but If I had a jirachi Id name it wish.. to find out why you gota read my comic :P
  9. J

    Pokemon: New stories (jirachis wish)

    Thank you all for your comments... I have todays comic ready! I hope you like it! Comic20: http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/6237/20nspv9.png
  10. J

    Random team generator

    I might us it for a few people in my comic.. Cool thank you!
  11. J

    Dark_Hyde Sprites

    yes thats what I mean 100%
  12. J

    Pokemon:A whole new world

    well.. you make them.. by using the box making tool on paint... but ya.. go to the Comic tutorial...
  13. J

    Pokemon Hacks.. the Final yes's and no's

    Thank you! this is more of what we need.. people saying there oks and not oks.. Ill give it about a week then make a big list of the Oks and the Not oks. so people make more of these please.
  14. J

    Pokemon Hacks.. the Final yes's and no's

    I know.. there have been things on it before.. ALOT of things on it before.. but I say.. we make a list.. a list of the Oks and the Not oks to Pokemon Hacks. I know there will always be the people out there that think there should be no hacks.. none used ever... but this will be a list of rules...
  15. J

    What's the hardest task that you ever did in Pokemon?

    The Hardest task... Hhhmm... My hardest task .. was easy to most... back when the Gold and Silver games came out I gota gold.. my first pokemon game ever.... well.. It took me a week to learn I needed to go back to the lab before I could leave the area... at least I had a level 20 Quilava by...