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  • Okay, cool. Sorry for the random question, I just like to know things. I have had several people make fun of me for my username. No comment.
    Hey, quick question. Why did you choose the Jak part of your username? it's not a common name here, and I chose mine because of the Jak and daxter games.
    My DS is currently Broken :( I leave to Costa Rica on Monday the 27th of June, and I wont be back till September 4th. I dont plan on getting a new DS until I get back from my Vaction. Contact me then, for battles / trades :)
    Looks like a good team and all, but I'm curious. How do you get Keldeo? I thought he was an event only pokemon. Or did the event already happen in Japan?
    I don't have one. Most of my teams, including that one, are only plans for the future. x)
    ***continued from below***
    - While this sounds great, it may not be that easy as it sounds. it often takes some testing to make sure you hit that seed. the seed could have been missed either because of human error or the game being random. in 5th gen, when you start the game (date & time) and the buttons youre holding down in the process controls the IV (and therefore hidden power) results, but for shinyness/gender/species/level/nature you might have to advance the seed's frame from where you are now (usually done by having a chalot speak), and it often takes some time to find out where you started exactly. there are some possible shortcuts like using a synchronizer (a pokemon with the ability synchronize) to get the nature you want for something in the wild.it takes multiple tries to hit the right seed and the right frame. (sorry if this part sounds confusing but Im trying to be descriptive so you have an idea how it works). eggs are more complicated because parents pass on their IVs, so you might need to breed a few times to make sure that 31s are being passed down.
    - since theres no change to the game code, you cannot create anything impossible in a game. using RNG abuse doesnt make a lv 100 mewtwo show up on route 2. you can only take things that happen naturally, even if they have slim chances, and the RNG reporter can tell you when it will happen.
    - so RNG abuse does not change the gamecode and never involves connecting up your game card to a machine to hack it. cheating or hacking is usually defined as using a devise external to the game card, linking the two, and then altering the game code. RNG abuse never does that.

    I hope that you have been open-minded enough to read this, are now better-informed, and willing to use these facts to make your opinions
    I saw your comments on your opinion of RNGing. I dont care about your stance on its morality, but it definitely looks like you are making judgements without the facts. you have no idea how it actually works. I would like to educate you a little about it so that you are better informed (this can also help):
    - first, nintendo doesnt consider it cheating. and if they were serious about cheaters then they would have sued AR and get it off the market.
    - your game has a special calculator called an Random Number Generator. it takes a whole lot of data, often related to time but also involving various settings in the code, and makes a special number (called seeds) that dictate everything about the pokemon you face. its species, gender, ability, IVs, level, and of course, shinyness.
    - a program like RNG reporter simulates the games random number generator. it can tell what seed will be hit when you do various actions, like your clock setting or the delay between doing actions. it has search features that can narrow down the countless possibilities to something specific that can be useful, like a shiny. but for every one shiny result, there are 8191 non-shiny seeds. you still have the same chances of encountering it, but now you know what triggers that one shiny seed. this is where its formal name, RNG abuse, comes from.
    It's ok, I thought the same thin too when I started out. Also, you reply on the OTHER person's page for a vm. Anyway, you just go to the thread and fill out the form for a pokemon. If the owner got banned, or was offline for a month or more then you can claim their pokemon. But the thread's down right now, the mod who runs it is on vacation. Just wait for her to get back, and the claim a pokemon thread is a sticky in general pokemon discussion.
    Oh... lol i thought "claiming" a pokemon was like a Joke or something, I did not know it was something serious lol is it like against the rules to "claim" him? :eek:
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