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  • Hey, just letting you know I updated my prologue (not chapter one yet though), just in case you wanted to check it out. Certainly not asking for a review or anything. :)
    Well, I'd be more than happy to review your own fic that i noticed you've started, would you like me to do that? (I can't do it today though, I have a lot of homework that I need to get started)
    Thanks for the... second review I guess you could call it, i wont bother you again, dont worry!
    Thanks for the review so much! But, and I feel really bad asking this since you were so kind to review it in the first place, could you go back and respond to the response I gave to your review, I just need some final things cleared up. Once you do that, that's all I ask of you, don't worry! Thanks again :)
    Your request at Fly High is finished and awaiting pick-up! Sorry for the wait, but hey, better late than never, am i right? XD Oh, I crack myself up...
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