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  • I reallllyyyy like BW. both games and anime. What about you? I think they finally did something above the level of the 3rd and 4th gen. No vs seeker hurts though. They should make it like a wifi download atleast.
    Doing sigs. You have a like nearly year old post so if you want to look at it when I'm done, you might actually have some new stuff to use.
    Ughh hey dude my bad. My net was unpaid my gf and I just couldnt managed so it was 1st to get cut. We finally got everything caught up so sorry about the match >.<.
    Hey its JQ. I made a new profile because my old one got all discombobulated and confusing to me, so I started over ^_^
    nothing much, just chilling at uni and trying to get my PhD finished... What I was going to say was that Dig is a huge controversy since Ash's Chimchar can in fact Dig and leaves holes everywhere in the battlefield and has been seen to use them later in a battle. But in the ASB we dont allow that - the holes collapse. Period. You can be in them if you like, but you have to have a hard shell like Pupitar and the like, sandshrew, diglett, etc.
    Hey mate, just checking out that match with ange and Gene... what ange means is that when Dig is used, the holes collapse immediately after they are created, and do not stay open, even though we see it often in the anime when Ash's Chimchar/Monferno did it.

    Hope that helps
    Thanks james. I hope that he does post soon. I wish to battle him. Since it sounded like it was going to be a good match. How are you?
    He was out before quillava arrived, he had to remove the Bagon that somehow got out s**t loads of fighting attacks and KO'd my upper level 'Net. So he's already an attack or two behind but has unleashed my regular, super effective against fire types (but you already know what it is) combo. We have a health lead, but I don't want to lose it that much.
    I might go for and referee rather than actually battle for the next match, but only something small. That way I can leave battling until Monster Hunter Tri is released, since it requires less time.
    I'm having a tricky time against Mewmaster007 on UPN though, his quillava has access to thunderwave, thunderbolt and thunderpunch and I'm using a Kabuto. His current orders are thunderwave then thunderbolt and I've got to find a way to reduce the damage without leaving myself vulnerable (since it has brick break I can't put myself in a tomb).
    *sigh* if we weren't so close to the end of the match, I might be pushing for someone else to ref just to speed things up. But we are, so I won't. Still pretty boring though waiting for JQ and I'm sure it's going to come down to the wire (and I mean that seriously, you're not going to get the win from me). Things are slow on the Bubbles so I may pick up a reffing or a match after we finish up, I've decided that while things aren't to busy I'll do one of each until we start getting updates for our training journeys.
    Lol, looks like you may not end up getting my best in these next few rounds. I was going to query JQ2 about how fast Growlithe's energy seems to be dropping (check it compared to that of your Dratini, I used Dragonbreath and Secret Power a round ago and you used Water Pulse and Bubblebeam in this round. Which to me are near enough in power, since I use number's, it's 10 apart which is 1/15th of a hyper beam. Yet my Growlithe went from just under 'quite a ways from 3/4' to near half, whilst dratini went from above half to below half, which to me seems like much less of a drop. Wow, that's a lot of rant in one bracket...) but I just can't be bothered with it in recent days, so I may just end up semi retiring from the battles (taking one every once in a while) and stick to reffing the matches instead, just for a bit at least.
    Lol, I decided to split the blame equally. But still, if Ralts had used double team after the hidden power not before, like I ordered, there's a chance he still might have been living and giving you a lot of trouble lol.
    Not sure who I want to hurl insults at first at the minute, the RNG or JQ2 for reading the orders wrong... Oh well I guess I'd better go think up a strategy or two now that Ralts is gone. And I feel I must insult myself, Kabuto keeps looking good for battles but I haven't brought him to ours... I think he needs a sig as well so I may pop one on him for extra speed or something, oh so much to do and so little me...
    Bah, I've come to stalk your profile... Okay, maybe not but I am here to see how you're feeling about waiting for JQ2 since it was 1 week ago that I last mentioned anything and he still hasn't shown up since then.
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