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  • I would have replied in the thread, but I felt like I haven't made enough progress hunting to post yet.

    I've been hunting torchic for almost four years on and off I think? It was supposed to be my second ever SR hunt and I'm at 30,000 sr's right now and I've seen maybe five shiny poocheynas and had two game batteries die. I actually managed to get a shiny torchic in Omega Ruby which I love but it doesn't quite feel the same as getting a third gen one so I decided to keep going anyway--that's actually helped me in regards to motivation because at least I already have one, right?

    So what keeps me motivated is watching videos online or just reading the thread. If I feel really frustrated I'll just switch to something else or take a break for a while. My advice is also to do something else while you're hunting so you're not super bored, like starting a tv show you've been interested in or watching a movie.

    Good luck with the shiny Raqyquaza, it's a super pretty shiny and I bet you'll feel awesome when you get it!
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