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  • Okay, so I'll add Bukijutsu, but you don't really need jutsu for lightning-arrows, it can be generic even though, elemental jutsu is more of a chuunin thing.
    I looked at the wiki and it said Kenjutsu deals with swords, but Bukijutsu deals with all weapon techniques, meaning Kenjutsu, Kyojutsu, and all other ones that have to do with weapons are sub-catigories of Bukijutsu.

    It's no problem though. I have another idea. :p
    Actually, with Kenjutsu (you still using a Bow) you could use your element combined with your arrows, but you just won't be super good at actual elemental ninjutsu. You can only use lightning in combination with your arrows, which technically you won't really need an element for. As for using lightning for Speed, that's more of a elemental ninjutsu/taijutsu thing. The Raikage does something like that, which is an S-rank jutsu if I believe correctly.
    I know what you're trying to do, and naturally if you were a Battle Mage in a DnD campaign it might work, but it doesn't exactly work the same in Naruto. There's different rules in Naruto and what you're trying to do kinda conflicts with the nature of the anime.
    Well I was thinking that a few techniques would involve lightning. My character wouldn't specialise in lightning, but he'd know how to use some minor stuff, like using it to electrify his arrows or speed himself up (since I assume that would relate to Lightning).
    Idk dude, there's not much you can do for jutsu using a bow. As long as they don't involve elements or jutsu you don't know such as shadow clones I don't mind. Normally, I wouldn't allow something like this but so far, you're the only person to join.
    You're ok if I make up techniques, right? Because I've realized that I cannot find any techniques for Kyūjutsu (figured out what the bow techniques were called).
    I did the same thing, earlier on my characters would often be alot like me, but later when I got more experience I'd make my character whatever I want him to be.
    Hey mate. I can tell that despite you not being too active on this forum, you have some talent with role playing. Regardless, Serebii can sometimes be a tough place, but rewarding if you pull it off.

    Stick with me, you got talent and I want to make sure it is not wasted.
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