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  • So Lillie's story was resolved. Thats good so we dont need to see her again .. :)
    Now we need the story of the blue and green girls to be resolved:
    The blue girl needs to make a bubble and the green girl needs to make a sandwich.
    Feels like a closure for Ash..... Idk if he will be in the next series, at least not as a main proto.....
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    Pokegirl Fan~
    Pokegirl Fan~
    Nah, Ash will definitely still be the main protagonist in the next series, distorted face and all. The status quo will always win out no matter what.
    What if there is no “next series?”
    Nothing would surprise me at this point

    SO BEAUTIFUL <333333
    Even Journey's artstyle couldnt ruin her beauty. She looks great
    Being a Poke girl is having charisma, beauty, personality, dynamic interactions with other characters, being noticed immediately.
    Not every character that is female is automatically a poke girl. By that logic, every COTD/the kuku's wife/ etc. - Are all Poke girl. No.
    Being Poke girl requires something more special than that.
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    No, making bubbles all day doesn't make you a poke girl.
    No. making sandwiches or malawach all day doesn't make you a poke girl.
    No, being served by maids and getting a free mythical doesn't make you a poke girl.
    No, holding an Eevee all day and being seen once every months doesnt make you a poke girl.
    Rewatching AG, I immediately noticed May's character. She has such a strong personality and charisma. Something not every female character in Pokemon series has. There is a difference between being a supporting female character to actually being a poke girl. Only 5 were seen in the recent 25 years.
    Serena , I miss you <3
    Love you.
    You are so underrated in this forum :(
    But I still consider you as the BEST and last poke girl. Love u
    Serena, I miss you so much. But I know its for the best that u don't appear.
    Your beautiful look doesn't fit with the current ew artstyle.
    You and May are the only Poke girls, out of the 5, which survived it.
    Love u
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