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Recent content by janejane6178

  1. janejane6178

    Do the regions feel different in 3D compared to 2D?

    3d hoenn was beautiful. It was so colorful
  2. janejane6178

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Who said that twerp catches Suicine?
  3. janejane6178

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    HP and the chamber of secrets pc game. Playing for the 10000 time now. Its been 20 years and still playing it.
  4. janejane6178

    Have you seen this tv show?

    Nope Glass Mask
  5. janejane6178


    LF > Zacian Can offer various items <3 Ty <33
  6. janejane6178

    What Pokemon do you think of from the move Above?

    Raticate Moonblast
  7. janejane6178

    Unpopular opinions

    Everytime I tried watching these movies I fell asleep. I didnt see any plot.. just fighting all the time
  8. janejane6178

    Worst Movies Ever!

    Idk i just dont like these american comedies. Especially Romantic comedies....... I like drama or horror movies. Something unexpectable.
  9. janejane6178

    Pokemon 25th anniversary ideas

    I played DPP 1000 times too, but Idk I just really LOVE remakes... seeing the region in a new light with some minor changes. Better than new region game for me (ofc regions we didnt see 1000000 times like Kanto and Johto...)
  10. janejane6178

    Keep one, Drop one

    (Omg its the name of a song from scent of a woman... <3 ) Blue sky
  11. janejane6178

    Do the regions feel different in 3D compared to 2D?

    Kalos felt smaller than Alola to u? I guess its really subjective. While it is true there were 4 islands, the last ones were small in my opinion. also, Kalos had many town and cities About Galar, it is true that it might e bigger including the DLC's wild areas. but they just feel pointless to...
  12. janejane6178

    The Most Mistreated Ash's Companions

    I really like how they treated Bonnie. Amazing character
  13. janejane6178

    Do the regions feel different in 3D compared to 2D?

    It feels smaller wih Alola and Galar (doesnt just feel, it really is ..), but Kalos felt big for me
  14. janejane6178

    What type is it?

    Fairy/Fighting Mercedes (class from maplestory)
  15. janejane6178

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Pokémon Speculation Thread

    I would love to see CT arc in the anime