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Janice Quatlane

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  • I love dogs and cute things too! :D I would love to be your friend^^ Also, I have a dog named Simba, and he's a shiba inu :3 Have you heard of these? They're SO cute.

    Also, do you think Korrina is cute at all?? x3 maybe we could be rivals over her or something >D Just remember she's mine in the end though :U
    I dindt even know something like that existed ( 7 cups ). Currently I'm studing for social work with creative arts and next to that I'm a designer too :)
    So my goal is to figure out a way to help people with creative media technology. Think about the small things like making a movie of yourself etc, or using games to increase communication skills or cognitive skills.

    As for your profile, your story amazed me really :)
    Wish I had that strenght.
    Hey there, you seem like a very interesting person :) love the link in the signature ( 7 cups one ).
    Thank you for your input! And either of Java's reactions would be awesome! The idea's already liked by the others (well at least one other person :p). Perhaps somewhere in Castelia could be a fitting place.
    I guess I could bring it up here since we're both computer science people

    When I mentioned about the one idea I had in the discussion thread, it was about perhaps something where Nova shows Olivia all the work Nova has done related to programming such as well...programs. :p Olivia would then have fun with the programs and Nova would leave for a short bit to let Olivia have fun (like 5 minutes). Olivia would then accidentally change one part of the While Loops and when the program would run, an infinite loop would occur and thus would leave Olivia confused on how to stop it.

    I know it sounds a bit silly and it may never happen when we're doing our guardian jobs but that's what popped in my head. .__.
    You too, haha. Nah it's no bother, I don't talk to many people on here very often. Yeah Aella is my baby, I like to theme my characters and hers is like a greek god/goddess theme.
    Hiya! I'm assuming you added me because we're both in the Legend's Guardans RPG which is totally cool. I like you're character, she seems interesting.

    Actually I think it's even funnier that your birthday is the day before mine haha.
    Oh. Yes, I know you are. I've read all the sign ups too. :p Nice to meet you too, but I prefer to keep people who I consider friends on my friend list. So...anything you wanna talk about?
    You think so? Well thanks! I've always wanted to create a caring-yet-prank-ish sort of character for something and it's great that the RP forum allowed me to do it. I like your character too since I have learned some programming for about two years now. :p

    (I see. I also like the minigame where you keep track of the star in the cup too. I always like those kind of games!)
    Nah it's fine! I do agree it's a fine idea, especially since it's my very first role play! Hopefully I can grasp the actual RP'ing. I just found out how to create those avatars. .__. The minigames on that website are so weird. Why is the Expert Mode of number operators easy?
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