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  • thanks for the battle.

    your team should have ice shard to destroy my substitute.
    i shall test you. this is 4th gen ou battle yes? so standard rules applies.

    i am good at doubles though but i don't mind to go for singles.
    milotic heatran and tyranitar will wreck you all day, but other than that, your team is pretty solid, as you have offensivvely based team with skarmbliss counter and very strong stab blizzard
    ok, i likey the team, except for frosslass, dont put thunder on it, and my milotic walled all of your team except for weavile and abomasnow, but weavile would have to already have a sdance to hurt my milotic, and did i see all 6 of your pokes? i think i might not have seen the 6th one
    ill test your team :) dude ill let tony know if its good or not :), he will trust me soooo whats your fc? mines 1377 6832 7559
    Well first off your running a hail team, so why did you not use an Abomasnow and walrein? Those two pokes should be automatically on your team. And then your move sets on your pokes are just awful man. Why the hell do you have powder snow on froslass? Run blizzard! Blizzard has a 100% accuracy in the hail. All your pokes (walrein, froslass, abomasnow) should all have blizzard. Weavile should have brick break, ice shard, night slash, and some other move. Then you should have something like milotic to cover your fire weakness and then maybe weezing or some other good defensive wall to cover your rock weakness.
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