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  • User is a confirmed scammer and has admitted it. Be warned when trading. You must keep this in your sig, or you'll get banned.
    User is a confirmed scammer and has admitted it. Be warned when trading. You must keep this in your sig, or you'll get banned.
    you seem alright. having everyone gang up like that would make some people a little annoyed, and even if we ban people on how rude they are then why not do the same for him.

    and you can't escape the matter that you where giving him back what he had, and therefore you where not obliged to reattempt the trade, as essentially you didn't take anything and you are being threatened to give him your pokemon.

    you can return his pokemon but you don't have to redo the whole trade, why not start off with the pokemon you originally had. the fact that you weren't allowed to choose this annoys me. its the same as asking someone to trade with you, then changing your mind and attempting to keep your original pokemon from before.

    anyway your probably sick of these kinds of visitor messages spammng you. and sorry for bringing this up, it just annoys me.
    Edit: you'll probably never read this anyway. lol
    As stated by BobandBill you have around ten minutes. I'd suggest dropping the random rights claim you just made up and thinking.

    Oh wait, you're banned (even on "where you came from", Smogon) :D
    Ahh, okay. That one is a lax nature...So you're interested in that one?

    (Let me know if you wish to take this convo to Smogon. I honestly don't like the way things are going with you here...And it's uncomortable to discuss a trade offer when you're arguing with someone in the Blacklist about another one, tbh...)
    And where is the mention of these rights made 'long ago'? As in, a direct link to said claim or the like, for I'm not looking through a long vm convo for a non-existent claim again.
    Why is this suddenly a stipulation? =/ No - just do the trade back with no extra restrictions you suddenly want to have.
    You still have one day left atm; ie the original 2 day period from yesterday still holds. You've had plenty of time to do the trade but instead chose to have a multi-page argument thus far.
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