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  • yah sure no prob, i got all of em, just got home from work let me know when u wanna do the trade for the 2 mews articuno, zapdos n cresselia n latios n latias, do u got moltres? n r they all at lv 50?
    My Shaymin is from the Oak's Letter event. I'd like the jolly or timid mew with the highest IVs (particularly in speed).
    Aight cool, I will be home in bout 4 1/2 hrs from now we can talk trade then, n yah no prob I'll give u the black exclusives
    I traded the Darkrai, but I still have the Shaymin. I'm interested in your jolly and timid Mew (whichever one has the best IVs).
    Aight cool, I gotta go to work now but I should be home around 9:45 pm east time, do u got a moltres with good nature? N also in r trade is 2 more mews modest n timid, articuno, zapdos, cresselia, for same pokemon n ur mews for my reshiram when u get white version, n other dummy pokemon?
    aight cool, r they untouched? n what bout ur giratina n raquaza or the dogs u got timid or modest? n this might b random but do u got another modest n timid mew? its for my brother hes a big mew fan in return when u get white i'll give u reshiram n tornadus i promise!
    its not hacked i got it from this girl n she said she got it when they held the wifi event on platinum version on newmoon island, i trust her shes a good friend of mine u can tell its not hacked i dont use AR, n my shaymin is the same, n i got the regi trio, i prefer the lake trio but regi trio will do if that's all u got
    I can sure use those mews!, n I am also looking for the 3 lake trio leg. Same natures as mew, the dragon trio dialga mine is timid I'm looking for modest, palkia same modest or timid, n giratina what do u suggest a good nature? Since shadow force is physical but other attacks r special I think, the lunar duo cresselia same timid modest, I got darkrai 2 of them in my platinum but lv 100, n heatran what u suggest?
    What 4th gen leg. U got? N r all of them legit like ur mew's which I am looking for a modest n timid nature on the mew, n r they untouched?
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