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  • Has anyone been able to get a shiny or normal Meloetta without hacking because I want a normal one sooooo badly. It's like one of my all-time favorite Unova legendaries. ^^
    Also, I missed out on you guys and some of your hunts due to summer VC at the beach...Sorry, Anyway I'm new to you all so...Hi.
    I'm on my 17th "Normal way" shiny hunt and I'm trying to get either a shiny Lugia in SS and or a shiny roggenrola in the cave on black; 543 encounters on it but no luck. Also I wouldn't mind being on weekend shiny hunters group as well. :)
    hii can you add me to the weekend shiny hunters group? ive been doing the same hunts as you guys for the past two weekends now so i sent in a request to join ^^ thanks!!
    I was thinking about a whole topic which features every hunt and their succesful hunters. I'll contact an active senior today.
    Its okay sweetie...understand why your gone all the time...been getting like that to lately...so don't worry sweetie...me,nakashima, and shiny doug will help take care of the social group for you when your busy...were all here for you : 3
    ..Hey guys, uhm, sorry for not being around for SO LONG, damn.
    But.. I've not been able to hunt hardly at all recently due to my actual life (shocking, I know) picking up and school starting to get out. I'm sorry that I've not been around to mod the group, I'll probably get on to accept requests to join once a week.
    The weekend shiny hunt group is getting more popular. ^__^ Also, you didn't put me at the Succesful Pinwheel forest hunters. D:
    Em hi but could i be an artist of the weekend shiny hunters with nakashima and shinydoug. I make good minibanners and userbars. If you accept me as an artiist. I will really appreciate it!
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