• Hi all
    Just a notice, we recently discovered that someone got into a moderator account and started hard deleting a load of key and legacy threads...around 150 threads have been lost dating back to 2007 and some weeks ago so we can't roll the forums back.
    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
  • Hi all. We had a couple of reports of people's signatures getting edited etc. in a bad way. You can rest assured this wasn't done by staff and nobody has compromised any of our databases.

    However, remember to keep your passwords secure. If you use similar passwords to elsewhere which has been accessed, people and even bots may be able to access your account.

    We always recommend using unique passwords, and two-factor authentication if you are able. Make sure you're as secure as possible
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  • hey jelly how u been?...the polls were suppose to be close by now just wondering how ure doing cuaz i haven't talk in while again.
    Thx :D If you have it in a Photoshop document or so, I can edit it myself if you don't have time :)
    Hey Would love to join the group
    Im At dragon spiral tower right now!
    Didnt know it started on Friday though
    Thought it was sat X_X
    wasted a whole day
    hey sweetie...forgot to let u know if there any new shiny hunts 19th thru 22 of may...won't be able to attend that event do to my vacation...
    yeah pokemon is my childhood memory...it got me through alot of things when i was younger...i had a rough childhood but im okay now...
    oh okay sorry i assumed u were...yeah im in college its a lot of work but it worth it at the end....im as old as pokemon lol just kidding...i have though been around the when pokemon first came out...have the orginal red and blue versions...that was my first game ever...
    oh wow! grounded are u old enough not to get grounded?...just curious... i live with my parents and they don't ground me from stuff...sorry to go into ur personal buisness... my computer is mine so don't have to worry about that stuff....that really sucks though...im doing well just really working on my college finals...its a drag but worth it at the end...thats why ive been away alot too...
    Yeah which is why I did want to credit you =P They looked a bit odd hoovering above the credits, so I made them overlap xD
    Oh, by the way, I've credited you by making the banner link to your profile, its the only way I could fit it in without it being too long, hope thats ok, dont want to not credit you enough, as the banner is amazing <3
    It should be possible, would just take a lot of work, and for a site this big, there already is way too much work to do =P
    I agree n_n Like most online games have, just have some filter options like none, mild and strong. Cuz honestly, theres a difference between some things that get censored. Some of them are rlly worth censorship, while others are just used multiple times a day =P
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