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  • Don't worry about it :) Thank you and things could be doing a lot better, but not going to go into detail ^^; Also sadly nope. Had the cash, but food and bills come first... sigh. Still want to get them though.
    You're welcome and sure I will. Is any other pokémon you want? I mean, to begin the gargantuan hatching process again :D
    Thanks bro ill getting numerous event Pokemon throughout the year so let me know if your ever interested
    Hey! I tried to pm you back but the server sent a msg that ur private messages are full. Just let me know when you wanna trade my friend!! I've got a HA chikorita for u a well :)
    Don't worry about it man, I'm just glad to know you didn't leave ^^; But yeah, I'm about to get into the rush part of the year myself, though mine will be in spurts. But how I've been doing? Well stress, stress, and more stress... nothing life threating. But some family issues on Flare's side, and a few other things... :/ I will be very happy when the heat drops to a nicer cool temps so I can walk around my neighborhood again and get some of this stress off of me. I really hope things get better :/ But anyways... yeah I did and I already had one too, but I don't think I can have enough event legends, I just like having in my collection. Also I really want a Hoopa too now, but now I really, really want a Volcanion! Though I'm betting he will be a Gen 7 legendary event or something. I know Roguelapras really wants him, since he is part water. I know I really want him, since he looks cool and that typing is interesting. You take too bud and I hope we can as well. See you later.
    That's okay, RedAce and I were just worried. I think the ghost is cute, but I can agree with you as far as a pokemon goes it isn't impressive :( Also I'm sorry to hear you couldn't participate, but I guess things just happen and things have been a little stressful, but nothing that isn't a norm around here. Also sadly I haven't touched my game in a while. Since again, doing all that hatching and the likes gets a little repetitive after a while ^^; But I bet if a new games come out, it will change my mind. So sadly not yet. You do the same :)
    Hey man, where have you've been? Also I don't know if you do or not, but Happy 4th of July. I hope you come back soon :/
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