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  • Good to hear, Redace was telling me about that, is it still going well? Also good luck to you in the PRC in your country, also I'm afraid I don't have one either :( I'm sorry. Alright then, I really want to have one, also I heard from Redace there is a rumored Gen 7 being made as we speak, so I guess you were right about the line-up of remake to new. You do the same and same here :)
    I don't know, a lot of folks to be honest my friend. And even if I don't need collage, I don't even know where to start... heck I die in front of the screen in those mods on the internet. But put in place of far cry map editor on my PS4 and I do well, since all that code stuff isn't there. But yeah... Also thanks a ton my friend, though what would you want in return? I do have the johto starters with their HA from that pokemon bank event. Also you do the same my friend.
    And who said that doing math and being an engineer was the only way to make games? I don't want to sound nosy, but if you want to you can do it! Graphic artist, musician, level designer, character designer, 3D modeler, writer, game designer (the one with the ideas)... all of those are non-math related aspects of making games ;) Now, onto business; let me see if I can get such Onix. It's time to dwell into the depths of the Trade Shops, hahahahahahaha. Take care, my friend.
    Hhmmm, okay. Well I hope it takes you places and you love what your doing. Jobs are so much more meaningful when you love them. Also I'm studying nothing. I don't have the cash, patience, time, or the brain to waste on collage. No offence to you my friend. I wanted to become a game designer, but I just can't do the math. I have the ideas and such, but just not the brains behind it. I have never been good with match and having ADHD never helped... So yeah. Also I wanted to ask if you could get your hands on a Heavy Ball, Adamant, ♀ Ability Weak Armor Onix or Steelix? I really need one since gamefreak screwed me over again... I don't care if it's a hack (as long as it's a good hack) since I can't get one in a heavy ball with it's HA ability and I really don't want to buy a codebreaker to just get one ^^;

    Well take care my friend.
    A teacher? Well congrats my friend! I hope it's treating you well. What kind of teacher are you, if you don't mind me asking. Really, well I wish you the best of luck my friend, let me know how you do. Also I'm sorry to say I don't have one, I would like to have one too, but I can try to get one. When do you need one?
    Hey Jarisoni, what have you've been doing? Also did you see the latest footage of Hoppa? I'm wondering if we will get it this gen or the next. But what do you bet, a remake of Pearl and Diamond, or a 7th Gen game?
    Don't forget Contrary Serperior is coming out 01/09/15 The code to get it is, Code: POKEMON497
    I'm going to be back on noon-12:30pm CST 7/21/14 tomorrow okay? I'm sorry I missed you for the trade.
    Sorry for this really late reply ^^; I'm sorry to hear work has been terrible for you :( Well hopefully things are better for you. Also my fire team isn't even a quarter ways done ^^; Red Ace has had some problems and has been getting bored with the IV breeding. I'm still not sure though what my team will consist of still. Plus I haven't touched my game in some time. But with the two remakes coming I should be on those more, since I never played R/S/E I never got to play with the secret base thingy, I'm excited to finally see what all the talk is about :) Also congrates on your team, at least one of us is making progress :D I don't know if Red or I will ever have a complete team.
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