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  • Hey again, I wanted to let you know Serebii has now posted my Weather Tournament in the tournament fourm, so sign-up is up now, please spread the word so maybe I can get more people to join The Hoenn Triangle Clan and my tournament. See you later man
    Hey I wanted to let you know I have posted my Weather Tournament in my Clan, so sign-up will begin on August 20th. See you later.
    Holy $#!? That's fast I have never successfully done that but I'm gonna try for a shiny axew in a minute
    Thanks Kurbyk! Work's been very heavy, but with that Contrary Shuckle online now, It's time to hunt again!
    Your welcome :) And I've been waiting for Black and White II to come :( I wish it wold hurry up. I want the the Kelodo or how ever he is spelled and the that music pokemon. I hope you can get it fixed, my web has been messed up, so I'm using Red's computer now... I hope to get it back up, but my DS and his PS3 were acting up too, so it's got to be a wi-fi connector again... Oh well. Also it has been good, though I haven't been on that much sadly, trying to watch a few animes and True Blood.
    Don't worry about it :) I'm doing great, building a vry nice team for a re-match against a friend and to fight another friend for the first time. So hoping I have made a good enough team to try against the competive field. I haven't gone up against, since I wanted to make a sure team. I'm going to try to get as little losts as I can ^^ Didn't do well in the spring tournament nintindo held ealrier this year... I though I did better, since there was no restriction of what pokes you could use, except for certain legendaries of course. But hoping to do WAY better the third try I hope ^^; But good news is, my team I used for the Spring tourny netted me a 45 battle win in the battlesubway in one day! So that made me pleased at least. And lastly I'm getting so close to finishing my pokedex, I had a few pokes who were missing an evolution or I just never seens yet. So I only have a few to go and I'm going in order to make it easier. I already have all of 5th gen complete, except for the 3 events were missing so far, and the Kanto side is about completed as well, though Sinnoh is kinda spotty ^^; But it's going a lot faster than I thought. Anyways how's thing been on your end?
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