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  • Looking for good serious high octane battle.....new to the forums....6v6, gen 4 and 5. Im also looking to get into breeding and trading. Hit me in the PM to exchange FC's
    Hi there, I added your friend code with the ulterior motive of getting free Pokemon aheeheehee. I need Pokemon friends too since I have almost none where I live. If you can spare me some Snivy or Tepig that would be so awesome. My friend code is 3353 3581 1660 Yaaaay
    Do you have a vullaby(what ever nature u think it best), a male *brave*, lonely or naughty tepig (*i likey this one*), and/ or a female timid/modest larvesta HP electic or grass?
    hey~ i've added your friendcode! would you please add mine? <3

    name: Lotte
    Code: 4555-9349-4827
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