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  • You'll have to choose between the smudge banner or the avatar :) The image for a smudge banner has to be a render so the image isn't good for that
    Hi! I just wanted to check with you on Divine before moving ahead; was there anything else you wanted to do before I fully end the Black City event?
    About to edit TvTropes again...will Clarise count as a Lady of Black Magic, considering her Persona's specialty in Ice offensive magic? Or more of a Red Mage?
    Oh...now I saw it...it's under black! XD Stupid me, I immediately went for the blues. XD What would her Halloween costume be? There are bound to be holiday specials anyway, knowing Zinc. I'll use your base and build up from there. XD Also, formals, swimwear, sleepwear, and High-Cut armor. XD Just describe 'em or give me a general idea. I'm planning to make style compendiums for visual references. Niedude made JP's and I made Theresa's. XD
    Oh, that's a nice shade of blue hair...where'd you find it? ;) I'll save the stuff under a new tag, Persona OP Clarise. XD I always thought her skirt was shorter because of her Grade B Zettair Ryouiki. XD I chose the lashed eyes because in my headcanon, she's supposed to be more classically beautiful than Theresa. XD

    Posted, btw.
    Here ya go, 2 versions. XD Regular clothes with no contacts and cheer outfit with blue contacts. XD I tried my best to match the clothes, but I didn't have many options, I did my best though. >.< The only dark blue long hair wasn't very attractive (kinda...masculine?), so I concentrated on the appropriate style instead. XD Tell me if you'd like anything changed.


    This is your character's tag, so anything I make of your character (nightclothes, formal, beachwear, etc.) will go under this tag. Yes, you can tell me whichever ones you like. I'm looking forward to making her Halloween costume for the inevitable Halloween special. XD

    Theresa is now in the gym. XD Time for a confrontation. :D Theresa isn't very good with words, considering she's not very intelligent...a meltdown and blubbering in Italian may follow after she finds out that Clarise is angry. She can't explain 8-hour training very well. XD
    Forgot that Clarise doesn't have a Gaia yet. XD I think Gaia is bound to be prettier. XD With contacts or without? XD
    Just asking...does Clarise have straight hair or wavy hair? XD I'm making Lunaii mugshots of the Persona RP's characters, and I can't remember her hair type. Thanks! XD
    uhm, wow, I just can't believe this happened >.<
    I have to install some brushes into my GIMP again! I can't do your wallpaper request, sadly D:
    really sorry; I suggest PPL's shop for wallpapers
    Wow. XD Thankfully, Theresa's pretty dense about certain things. XD The real purpose of the chocolate?

    It's energy for the training. XD Wulfgard will make them train for 8 hours...she definitely has to eat. XD
    Hello! It has been a while indeed. I'm doing pretty good. =] A bit bored but it'll pass by hopefully. How are you~?
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