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  • Yikes, we have to wrap up shopping. XD I'm going to rush and mention that Theresa helped Clarise pick out clothes from the more "normal" front part of the store. XD Will you be alright with that?
    I haven't really gotten into Kingdom Hearts that much, I played the Disney game a time ago and lost the game cartridge >.<
    I'm hoping I can put aside Skyward Sword for awhile so I can start to get into Kingdom Hearts xD
    a PSP? watch out, those have low battery xD

    I haven't played any Final Fantasy lately; or watched any; because I'm doing Kingdom Hearts this year xD
    you automatically get points for being awesome like that

    okay, then, accepted.
    I recognize those images from Final Fantasy . . . . am I right? :p
    Updated. XD I'm fast like that. ;) Would it be OK to put Clarise's motif as the color red on the TVTropes page? XD I noticed she always has some red on her.
    Hmm...I'm not sure I know the difference. I'm basing things off the events of the gameverse...mostly. Definitely not the anime (I'm guessing, I haven't watched the series since around 2001). I mean, there certainly is the Elite 4, and they'll have roles to play...I guess it's more like a tournament though.
    Sootopolis might have been rebuilt, since it has the physical structure still relatively stable. Pacifidlog was totally washed away. Lavaridge would be different, especially with an active volcano. They might have rebuilt somewhere, but I hadn't given that too much thought.
    It's been a while. Hoenn's events were (game-wise) 3 years before Gen 4. Which was...some years before the start of the RPG. So there's been some rebuilding, but it's hard to rebuild a town covered in lava or totally washed away. They would have relocated anywhere they could, not everyone would have gone to the same place.
    How about both? She'll need some Water to compensate for her pure-Grass team. Kyogre instead of Bayleef? Or Milotic...since Beauty is her theme?
    I think it's on Ebay....I'm checking listings right now...the cheapest brand-new they sell is $85. I don't trust the $18 listing that much.
    Really? Sapphire's boxart is indeed nice, the reason I chose it over Ruby. I wasn't a fan of a glaring, red dino on a glaring, red box. Blue-on-blue looked so much cooler. XD I still have my Sapphire up to now, translucent blue cartridge and all.XD
    Oh..Kyogre? It's beautiful too, maybe I should put that down instead of Viri...her team does need some Water. XD My favorite overall is Darkrai. XD
    Legendaries are fine on the teams. XD I'll give her the Virizion, it's my favorite 5th gen Legend. XD Heck, even Pirouette Forme Meloetta suits her too. XD
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