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  • Done! Would she also count as a "Lady of War"? She's elegant from what I could presume...possibly the best candidate among the girls...XD I guess I have to add "An Ice Person" too, for her Persona. ;)
    Yes, he was in the cafeteria at the end of my post but I haven't decided if I want him to stay there until it starts or if I should move him elsewhere before the court starts. Russell would be able to express his fear fully if no one was around and he would be more afraid and jittery, however; if he around others it would be amusing because his stubborn attitude would make him act like he brave even if he obviously freaked out because there are people there.
    Yeah. I had just gone through and looked at last posting dates... although I may have missed one of yours, was that the case? That works out, but he and Meg may have also gotten POkedex messages from others noting a meeting at the campsite. It's been two days and there would have been questions about where to meet up.

    The Centers are mostly inns or bought for other facilities right now.
    If you feel reasonably confident in your plotline, feel free to keep it under wraps. However, if you feel that it needs a second opinion, I'd be happy to help!
    I'm comfortably familiar with the series, but I'm not really a longtime fan - however, I find that wikis are surprisingly helpful for filling in the blanks, since fan-made pages tend to be very accurate, and any tampering is usually obvious. So long as you use that to give an accurate depiction of how magic works in this universe, the history/rules of the Grail War, etc., neither you or anyone else should be left too far out of the loop.

    Much of the fifth Grail War is set up by the fourth - over half of the masters involved in the fifth are directly related to the fourth, Gilgamesh sets the stage at the end of the fourth, etc... doing an AU of the fourth would be simpler to handle story-wise.

    As for the sign-ups, you could try for a mix - open up the first seven slots as Masters, and if there's a demand for more openings, you can open up Servant positions for players to "pair up" with pre-existing sign-ups. Given previous participants in the Grail Wars, it might not be far-off to allow non-Master slots as sign-ups (for example, Saber's master in the fourth grail war worked very closely with a partner, and there are various instances of mages participating indirectly through manipulation of the Masters).

    In the end, though, it would be much safer to regulate the game to seven character slots, as you noted. Seven is still just on the small size of an average player base for something with a definite end.
    As I said, I'm not terribly good at being a GM, but I'd be happy to help out where I can, sure :D What did you have in mind so far and what do we need?
    Actually, no, he's always been in the one Sofiya wasn't. So if she went to the other classroom, the that would be the one he was in.
    I'm great! Still searching for tropes as usual! XD TvTropes is one of my website obsessions! XD
    Another trope for Clarise: Zettai Ryouiki (Grade C or B in her cheer outfit, if I understood your SU correctly)
    No, no more questions... I'm just a bit concerned, because someone else posted a signup for the Star Arcana just before you... I just hope you'll be accepted. Like I said in the thread, I almost feel bad about taking the Hierophant... (I completed my signup btw)
    Hey Jason, do you know which Arcana you're picking for the Persona RPG yet? I'm thinking of taking whichever one you don't pick (the Hierophant or the Star), and have a different character in mind for each one.

    EDIT: Oh, that's perfect! I was hoping you would pick the Star. That means I get the Hierophant!
    Oh hey Jason-Kun! It has been a while indeed! I'm pretty good. I'm glad it's summer although the heat and sun will kill me, lmao. How have you been?
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