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Recent content by Jason-Kun

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    Safari World Resort (Pokemon, PG-13)

    I was asking because I planned on making my character someone who researches the lore of the world and I was planning on having her be inspired to it by knowing that the legendaries are real. I'll take a reserve though.
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    Safari World Resort (Pokemon, PG-13)

    Questions because they have to do with my character. Which verse is this set in and by extension which events in canon have gone down so far if any and how long ago did they take place?
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    Teen Titans Undercover: Jailbreak (PG-13) SU

    Is this still open and if so is it based more on the comics, the show or a mix? I ask mostly because I'm really only familiar with some of the earlier seasons of the show.
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    Influence of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire on XY anime?

    I heard the English word special in that video so make of that what you will.
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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    I'm hoping that the games will be mostly the same. Same music, same towns, same plot. Just update the graphics and make Secret Bases Wi-Fi compatible somehow and I'll be happy. I don't think the box legends are getting mega evolutions but rather redesigns instead. I expect them to keep to 3D...
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    Pokemon Mage SU

    Sorry this is taking so long. Been a bit busy lately. Should post my sign up within the week though.
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    Fine! Not much left to do.

    Fine! Not much left to do.
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    Pokemon Mage SU

    Can I reserve a spot?
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    Divine Discussion (version 2)

    Just popping in to say that I will make my first post within the week. Probably going to have Marec start out either somewhere close to or within Black City though I am not entirely sure since I have no planned ahead or anything.
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    Divine (version 2) SU Thread

    No, I copy-pasted his personality exactly as is from the first time around. I can definitely expand it though if that is what you want.
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    Divine (version 2) SU Thread

    Name: Marec Golen Age: 22 Gender: Male Link: Latios (M) Description: Marec has an average build, partially contributed to his short lived career as a trainer and his travels within the region. His silvery, gray hair is often pulled back in a loose ponytail, accenting the green of...
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    Divine - Game Discussion

    Haven't been around much. Restarting huh? That's fine by me.
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    Persona- BOSS

    I'll post either later tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how much of a post I manage to bang out/my mood at the time. Just popping in to say that much.
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    Persona- Burn On, Shining Souls!

    Clarise Stone Court of Miracles Clarise followed Lace over to the table, grabbing herself a cup of punch. "They probably will not charge us anything for this you know." she told the younger girl as Lace tried to hand her a stick of gum. Shaking her head, she waved towards her as she...
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    Divine (PG-13)

    Marec Golen Black City -> White Forest Campsite "Well, I rather do something than sitting my butt here and watch," Alana murmured softly, "But... got any ideas how to get outta here now without... looking suspicious?" Subtly she grabbed her wallet, removing the money needed for her meal...