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  • Hahah maybe I will when I get the time! :)
    My story goes in the lines of Prince of Persia, if you have played those games, and also picks up a lot of elements of my own story (in real life). Like many of the scenes described- example Chapter 4, those scenes and events are a description of my own experience with my first gf.
    Layton? Hahah I'm not so sure. It was my own thing actually. I put myself in Ash's shoes there, and thought...if let's say the person I loved so deeply lost her memories forever, and we shared something as special as the two of them did, what would my reaction be like?
    LOL but this is the 3D Typhlosion! xD Ah well. I guess I'll get a transparent GIF from somewhere. LOL. And the profile pic, I really don't know what to put there. LOL
    I said giflike requires a youtube video, so clearly I found the footage on youtube. Let me Google that for you.
    Well that's because half those speculations were mine. Especially about Bonnie. And those speculations were brought through because of my fanfic xD
    Anyway, I guess you'll see the big difference later on
    I know right? The fire around its neck...I want that. That's the one thing I dislike about XY/ORAS. I can't believe they spoiled the look of my favourite Pokemon this way! xD
    From 4chan's Pokeani thread. It says new merchandising would be released.

    >New moncolle figure set.
    >A set of Mega Bangles (Mega Bracelets), one with Satoshi's voices and another with Serena's compatible with Pokemon Tretta
    >New keystones and megastones called "Megastone plus".
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