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  • We have been paired up for the war. I am on Treehouse server on PO. Please VM or PM me when you are online so we can set up a match.
    Just in case you respond to his VMs (which doesn't really count as ignoring which you did do a few times earlier in that convo). To be more clear - neither of you are to VM each other, which shouldn't be a problem to you, and if he does PM you again then report it and don't reply at all, is all. I sent the same message to him for the record.
    Okay, I think you two can refrain from talking to each other if you are just going to argue and throw insults at each other or reply to taunts. If there's more issues then infractions may come.
    lol i banned your friend, elliotdx xD i warned him via PM to not mess with the serebii moderators. He deserved it since he liked tr0lling a lot IN THE FORUMS, which is against the rules xD lol wat a loser....
    rofl we were haxed out of 2 wins. Also what do you mean by "take the lose"? I already know you guys won, despite how it was won. Also a word of advice, don't start unneccessary arguments with people over the internet unless your life is really that pathetic. Anyways, I'll just leave it at that so even if you reply with some more idiocy I won't be responding. Good day.
    rofl get a life. We did lose because of hax, there's no reason to argue about that. And you won anyway so quit your *****ing.
    lmao you're so mean haha but yeah sui sucks for the misplay XD and yeah steve got haxed I love how they tried to say it didnt matter
    yeah that was LOL no offense to my opponent but my team was just superior in every way and the hax I got merely made my win easier to get. Plus he got some hax on me as well that mattered more than my hax on him tbh but that doesnt matter we won. So they can go shove a cork up their ***.
    nahh bro my opponent was awesome tbh I haxed him a bit but he was pretty legit about it all I even offered to let him faint a poke to make it fair and he declined so he was a cool dude
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