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  • I don't want to clog up the shop's posts with misc stuff so I'll just say it here. No matter how difficult the work is, the positive reactions that you get make it worth it a million times over. Thanks dude, I really appreciate your praise :)
    hey javier your request is ready at the shop I hope I got it right I was a bit confused but I did save the stuff if its not dark enough and etc...
    The only thing that I saw was missed commas, but it's fine. Also, your idea for that story sounds great!
    Hey there. You've got a really nice Fire Emblem fanfic there. It's one of my favorite stories that I'm currently reading.
    Yes, SM and Skarm are two different people. SM is nearing the end of his univ. and has a lot over his head and has been super busy. Wait and I assure you that the finished product from SM's shop will be terrific!
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