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  • Ahh wondered since you were the final poster of the thread asking for help. I wish it still existed since I'm still confused about stuff.
    Hey JAWS! Nice thing, man! So, it was your first online battle? And yours Venusaur actually survived a battle against a Yveltal? That's actually quite cool!

    Well, I've had +50 batttles since I've begin playing competitively, and I can say I won, at least, 60% of them. You'll get used to it soon enough, I'm sure.

    PS: Was that a link?

    It's not working
    JAWS, how many times have I need to say that you're supposed to post on others people profile when answering them, not in yours? xD

    Okay, we can do it today or tomorrow. Tell me your GMT.
    (Replying to your post in the WiFi League Thread) As far as the UU, RU, NU Pokes you can use whatever you want as long as none of them are one of the banned pokes: Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yvetal, Blaziken or have the Moody ability. As for being accepted as a challenger in the league that has to be approved by Azulart. He's been a bit inactive due to other things which he stated in a previous post in the thread. You can always contact him directly if you're really eager to start challenging the league.
    I'll try, JAWS. But I think Logan (AuraSensei) is better than me in rating competitive teams. You should be asking him for rating your team than me, as I'm really not good with competitive teams and it's possible I give some bad advice. It's fine with you?
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