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  • I think we should put our Digimon RP on hold for a bit. There's a couple out at the moment and I think we'd make a bigger splash if we came out at a time where there's not as many going on; you know?
    Hey, so I'm trying to make a post in the main thread but I wanted to know if Alice and Jamie know each other and whether or not I should catch a Vulpix within the first post. I'm trying to get the MSN working on the laptop but it's just being dumb at this point. -_-"
    I'm trying to edit but it's not working. I made a note about that in my post in the discussion.

    You can always reserve the Sneasel (or whatever we've somewhat agreed to because Skeith has posted a spoiler with the Pokemon people have requested). That way you can just catch him not too long after arriving on the island.
    Thanks :)

    I was reading mine too and I was like, "Holy crap, everyone else's is so great." I don't think I'll cast off Alice, but I think I may revise her a bit, add bits and pieces of similar characters to her.

    And so far the Pokemon you were thinking of were Torkoal and Hippopotas. I put my two cents in on the discussion thread but if you're thinking more defensive Pokes rather than offensive, maybe a Munchlax or a Wobbuffet (okay, I don't know how defensive a Wobbuffet is, but it could work). Idk, really. Haha.
    Go ahead I see no problem with you adjusting your sign up, you are after all the GM, and tbh I have no problems with anyone altering their sign ups if they so wish.
    Well Tyranitar will be the pokemon you brought to the island and youd have Vibrava and Squirtle? Cos that sounds fine ^^
    I'll de-evolve Blastoise. In my sign up, I don't want any more Pokémon for now. If I do want some, I'll put in a reserve.
    The sign up thread was getting crowded so I went ahead and made the Discussion Thread. Hope you don't mind and I'll relinquish it over to you once your done helping your brother. Hope your having fun. =D
    No worries. It kinda works in my favour as I grew more attached to the replacements idea :D should have it up at some point over the weekend
    Wow, great to see this return! I'll be sure to get my sign-up in by tomorrow, hopefully I can finish it tonight though! ^^
    Definitely~! It should be easy for me because I've decided to stick with Alice and will just have to copy and paste her in and edit some stuff and voila! :) Thanks for the link. <3
    Sure, I'll sign up. Though I have a quick question about whether or not you'll be allowing fifth generation Pokemon to be used from the start. I ask because the character I have in mind would really benefit from having a Pokabu due to its features (don't worry I'll explain in my sign up). So my question is essentally if I were to specify a moveset which I would use till Pokabu's is known (i.e. Cyndiqul's) would I be able to use him? If you'd rather fifth gens remean out till they're revealed thats fine too as I have another pokemon in mind that can furfill the role. Thanks in advance.
    Jaaaaay! You couldn't have left it one more week D:

    I go on holiday tomorow for a week. I'll definatly sign up! But just know I'll be gone for a week if it starts before then.
    I've been learning it myself, and sure I'd love to see something ^^

    I saw your name, and it reminded me you made me a trainer card like five years ago. So thought I send a request and see how you are.

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