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  • Sure. PBIR2 sounds great. I will be returning with Alice and her Pikachu, but a brand new team that wasn't featured in the original PBIR will be showing up as well, whether we start with the teams or she catches it along the way ;)
    Well, I don't know about a PBIR follow-up because you'd sort of want that for the people that were in the first one... so I'd go with part way in... but something brand new would be cool too :D
    Yeah, it is actually. It also closely resembles a story I posted on a website that was actually run by the GM, meaning that the tournament was for all the best trainers out there... and the island is even called Battle Island (not in the story, I mean).

    I'd definitely be there for the follow-up, but I don't know how many people would be back for it. alteredegoX is still around, but I haven't talked to her and as for others, it's been ages. -_-"
    I'm in one by Stabberz, which I think is actually still open for sign-ups. I'm also in a couple for some friends (one of them is surprisingly like yours, but I did warn them) and they haven't kicked off yet... but things are slow. Nothing as good as PBIR ^^
    Glad to hear you're doing fine ^^ School's been pretty boring. I haven't really done much in the way of exciting besides contracting the flu a couple of days ago and watching like, 60 episodes of Scooby-Doo on the TV but I have since joined a new RPG by Burrado_Aipom, or whatever :p And I can't wiat till your RPG comes out. ^^ PBIR was a lot of fun. ;)
    I know! Wicked was one of the greatest moments of my life! I cant wait to see it again sometime though that will be a while because Im broke lol Though I want to ask, what is your favourite song in the musical :p
    Hmm...I like them all and it tends to shift a bit, but at the moment I'd say it's "What is this Feeling?".
    Woohoo Wicked the musical!!!! Its the most amazing show I have ever seen :p
    Wicked was awesome. Even though I was literally in the back row when I saw it :p
    Can you help me out with a sign-up please? I said it looked fine but I want your's or Skeith's confirmation first because I'm not too sure... help? :)
    Well if you post about catching a pokemon in the first day and at the end of the post go to bed and wake up
    What like in a hotel or something like the other new guy did? would I be able to catch a Pokémon as well.
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