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Jan 29, 2015
Oct 16, 2009
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Jay305 was last seen:
Jan 29, 2015
    1. asianshayne
      U gotta clear your PM space cause i cant send you a message back since your box is full :3
    2. Amacitare
      The trade was Xerneas (the modest 3IV one) for the Korean Manaphy and the Shiny 6iv terrakion. And oops, I meant In game name, not FC.
      Your inbox is full
    3. AshBui
      Thanks for the trade! Enjoy your Heatran. :)

      P.S. Those are some really nice Pokemon you have!
    4. AshBui
      I'm online now! Also be sure to clear your inbox (its full). My in-game name is Serena :)
    5. Amacitare
      No thanks to the Cobalion. And your inbox is full.
    6. varanus_komodoensis
      I'm getting online now :)
    7. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey there! I got your Jolly flawless Jirachi and I can trade whenever you're free. I need your Gen VI FC, though; you've only listed your B2 FC in your sig. If you don't have Gen VI, I won't be able to trade with you because my Gen V won't connect to other people for some reason, so I only deal in Gen VI.
    8. Hina_chan
      Thanks for telling me ^_^
      aside from e-mail they really oughta give you a message or warning that your inbox is full
    9. Hina_chan
      Just letting you know that I'm trying to send you a PM with my offers, but your inbox is full. ^^;
    10. Don
      How have you been? Been just came back few weeks ago...
    11. Eelijah
      Your signature is amazing! :-)
    12. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Responded again.
    13. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      I'm a girl lol, and ok, i'm almost in. xD
    14. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Responded to your post in my shop.
    15. SmeargleRocks
      i got 10 minutes wanna get the trade back over with?
    16. Don
      We should battle this weekend m8.
    17. Ixin
      I'm not sure if it has been cloned yet. To the best of my knowledge it is legit, but I don't really know how to check.
    18. TREVEN
      hi , tell what event are you looking for so i can maybe get it and trade you for the genosect
    19. Ixin
      Hey, I'm interested in your genesect. If you do tradeback of clones, I could offer a shiny flawless docile WISHMKR Jirachi, flawless shinies (some DW or EM pokes), or some other events.Is there anything you are specifically looking for?
    20. TREVEN
      hi do u still have the flawless timid genosect and is it legit?i can rng multiple shiny flawless pokemon in 4/5th gen in exchange vm me asap
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