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Last Activity:
Nov 2, 2011
Nov 1, 2008
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Irish Trainer, from Ireland

Jayhennessy was last seen:
Nov 2, 2011
    1. Koridojo_Blaziken

      MY PLAN IS WORKING! *thunder clash*

      Lol. Sorry, no, 'fraid I'm on a N. American server. I'm afraid to even look up and find out how much it would cost (if any extra) for me to play on a European server... X_X;;
    2. Firekit
      Sup how have you been?
    3. RaZoR LeAf
      RaZoR LeAf
      Have we ever spoken?
    4. Koridojo_Blaziken
      Been okay, I guess. Just going crazy from lack of computer time...darn viruses kept me from booting up the computer for the past month, and until we find out where those came from all I can do is post here and read my email. That's it. =/ No fanfiction.net or deviantart.

      And...worse...no WORLD OF WARCRAFT. O_O *topples over*

      Lol, Sky's awesome so far. Sadly, since Riolu was not a gender-available choice I ended up becoming a Vulpix. )= Still, I did choose Riolu as a partner, so it's all good. ^w^
    5. sweet_piplup123
      Hi ^^

      Yep I'm still here :D So how's life? (:
    6. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Hiya Jay, i've been catching up with old school friends on Facebook.

      Apart from that everything's ok.
    7. Jayhennessy
      I've been gone a while. Hi everyone!
    8. buzzthebatgirl
      Hey there, I'm an Irish Pokemon player looking to meet up with other Irish players, I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of the Irish club I'm trying to get going. Before you completely ignore me, I'm no noob trying to spam you. I've been playing Pokémon since the beginning and recently partook in the Pokemon Video Game Championship in London coming in the top 20. So just let me know by PM if you'd be interested in joining my club, us Irish have to stick together ^_^
    9. sweet_piplup123
      I am still writing...but sometimes, a little monster called writer's block just decided to struck me every ten minutes or so T_T

      But don't worry, Team Gemstar is still going ^_^

      I have MSN, but I am not allowed to add anyone over the internet due to privacy reasons...
    10. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Just chilling out Jay, what are you up to?
    11. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Hiya Jay, not seen you for a while.
    12. Firekit
      Just wanted to say hi
    13. Koridojo_Blaziken
      Hey...that's weird...I have a Glaceon on my Pearl version. O-o I can't believe it took me a full month of looking at your avatar to realize that...

      Anyways, I'm on my way over to read your latest chapter! ^^
    14. Firekit
      Just wanted to say Hi
    15. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      That's fine.

      I'll be on there later if you're still around, and i can get on tomorrow which will be a nice change.
    16. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Same here and England isn't much better.

      The sky is grey and it looks as though it will pour down any second.

      Luckily we have the Easter weekend to look forward to.
    17. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Hiya Jay, how are you?
    18. FocusPresenceEndurance
      Thank you very much. And sure I would be happy if you added me.
    19. Willow's Tara
      Willow's Tara
      What do you mean? All you need to do is go to clubs and go through some ofthe pages to find the title of the club (Usually within 1-3 pages).

      If you mean group there isb'r a group one for it
    20. Koridojo_Blaziken
      Hehe. I would've, except I originally had Eevee and Torchic on my PMD1 team. Matter of fact, Team Zakuro in my fic was based off of my very team. :p
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    Hey! I'm born in Ireland, in the country. I enjoy most things and get on well with people. :)

    Sports, Horses, social stuff, friends, reading, pokemon, relaxing, walking, farming.


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