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  • Wow. You stayed in Japan before? 3 years with school on Saturdays...wow! But do they have a long school break in Japan?
    Your summer break is 3 months right?
    No, I don't have to go to school on Saturdays unless there are replacements or something. Wait. You have to go to school on Saturdays? D=
    At the end of the year, I crammed my time at PMD Sky and recruited Lati@s, Darkrai, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Moltres. Call that not amazing...
    You recruited Suicune already? Lucky, I haven't found his challenge letter yet...
    Is it? I think I was active in here more in the last few weeks. Starting to get busy again. And my "winter" break started on November 21st and ends this week. School reopens on Monday. Oh yeah! It doesn't snow here.
    AND caps
    only when i'm not in person am i boring.............i'm anoying,hyper, and very very very talkative.......mostly crazy too.....i'm also freakin;' hilarious...not lokes but burns and physical comedy but not perverted funny like everyone else at school
    Ouch, first of all, what is your client?
    You know, that reminded me about the time at PMD Time when I have to escort a Wurmple to Sky Stairways 40F something and that thing kept on wasting my Reviver Seeds, especially when Mothims are around. So I ended up deleting it, cause I only have 3 Reviver Seeds with me, and is on panic cause I couldn't find anymore.
    Well, I used up all the Reviver Seeds that I found when I was trying to recruit Lugia. Amazingly, at PMD Sky, it just took me a Water Pulse to gain its trust.
    A really big fan! Why, my PMD Sky copy is really... how to put this.
    Well, can I ask you something? How can a Guildmaster Rank lost in Crevice Cave? Is it because you don't use your starters? Or?
    i'm ok with kids... but i can't do that either becuz i have a 15 year old sister.. now who will they take? a 15 year old girl or a 12 year old boy?
    I didn't break it....anyway my dad brought home one from a 1994 computer and it works in ours and i installed it but it still don't work..... i have another mp3 so i really don't need it........And i'm only twelve so i don't think they will give me a job
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