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  • I missed you last night again. I'm home at 8pm pacific cuz I'm at work again. I'm off tOmorrow though
    A new event announced for Japan in February. If its going to be given away via wifi like carlita's Hydreigon and pokesmash mewtwo, I'll get one Since i also have an import copy of black and make clones for everyone on my friends list!
    Wow I'm out of room for clones. It may be a while. Need more pc boxes. I'm full. I have enough for the original trade right now
    The three you wanted were DWF Anorith Oshawott with Air Slash and Bagon with Hydro Pump DD and Dragon Pulse

    Space C Deoxys
    World11 Scrafty
    DW event Torchic
    DW event Croagunk
    DW event Turtwig
    DW event bulbasaur
    DW event Banette (What nature is this one?)
    DW event Mamoswine
    DW event Rayquaza
    Movie 11 lv 100 Reshiram
    Movie 11 lv 100 Zekrom
    Movie 11 lv 70 Shiny Golurk
    Janta's Golurk
    Carlitas Hydreigon
    Goon's Scizor
    DW popularity poll Arceus
    Oblivia Shaymin
    Oblivia Heatran
    You can choose anything in my shop for those :D
    10th anniversary lv70 Celebi
    10th anniversary lv70 Charizard*
    10th anniversary lv70 Latias
    10th anniversary lv70 Latios
    10th anniversary lv70 Suicune
    10th anniversary lv70 Raikou
    10th anniversary lv70 Entei
    10th anniversary*lv70*Blaziken
    10th anniversary*lv70*Typhlosion
    10th anniversary*lv70*Tyranitar
    10th anniversary*lv70*Bulbasaur
    10th anniversary*lv70*Blastoise
    10th anniversary*lv70*Alakazam
    10th anniversary*lv70*Articuno
    10th anniversary*lv70*Moltres
    10th anniversary*lv70*Zapdos
    10th anniversary*lv70*Umbreon
    10th anniversary*lv70*Espeon
    Japan event lv1 Satoshi's scraggy
    Goon's scizor
    TCG WORLD08 Lucario
    Pokemon world championship09 Weavile
    VGC09 lv 50 Shiny Milotic*
    WDS2010 Crobat
    World11 scrafty
    Birthday lv 40 Charmander
    Birthday lv 40 chimchar
    Lv 30 birthday Audino
    smr2010 jirachi
    ske48 lv30 pikachu (sing)
    Poketopia lv 50 electrivire
    Poketopia Lv 50 magmortar
    Saikyou lv 50 magmortar*
    Saikyou lv 50Electivire
    Pc Osaka lv 10 meowth
    Hadou lv 40 regice
    Hadou lv 40 regirock
    Hadou lv 40 registeel
    lv 70 10th anniv lugia
    lv 70 10th anniv ho-oh
    DW event Banette
    DW event mamoswine
    DW event rayquaza
    DW popularity poll arceus with pokerus
    DW event torchic
    DW event croagunk
    DW event turtwig
    DW event bulbasaur
    Trade for evolution karrablast*
    Oblivia Shaymin
    Oblivia Heatran
    Michina arceus
    Searcher axew
    Pokesmash lv 15 cubchoo
    Pcnyd kingdra
    Pcnyd salamence
    Pcnyc 45 flygon (t)
    Pcnyc lv 30 seviper
    should be home around 8 pm pacific. Which 3 are u giving me and Do u want anything else from my list that I can trade for some more of yours?

    VGC2010 lv 50 shiny evee*
    TRU Ash's pidove*
    TRU*Iris' axew
    ANA lv 50 fly pika
    Satoshi's lv 50 pika
    ALAMOS Darkrai
    Movie 11 lv 100 Reshiram
    Movie 11 lv 100 Zekrom
    Movie 11 lv 70 Shiny Golurk
    Movie 11 lv50 Victini
    Lv 70 Janta's golurk
    lv 70 Carlita's Hydreigon*
    TRU lv 50 Dragonite
    TRU lv 100 Regigas
    TRU lv 50 Manaphy
    TRU lv 50 Shaymin
    TRU LV100 Arceus
    TRU lv 50 Ash's Pikachu*
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Raikou*
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Entei*
    Gstop shiny lv 30 Suicune*
    Gstop lv 50 deoxys
    Gstop lv5 jirachi
    GStop lv30 pikachu colored pichu*
    Win2011 lv50 celebi
    Fal2010 lv 5 Mew
    Space C lv70 deoxys
    Hayley's lv50 Mew
    Hayley's lv50 Phione
    Event11 lv50 Zoroark
    Jap event lv50 Zoroark
    Jap event lv70 pokesmash Mew
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