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Recent content by JayZz

  1. JayZz

    What book (fiction) are you currently reading?

    Oathbringer - Brandon Sanderson. Took my breath away, I love his universe and his style. I wrote an essay about this book some time ago. I decided to buy essay online to save my time and specialists from writing service helped me to write an essay at the highest score in the class.
  2. JayZz

    What Series Are You Watching?

    The Servant on Apple TV. 2 episodes in and so far so good.
  3. JayZz

    The last movie you saw

    Incendies 7.5/10 Pretty tough watch, but good story and performances. Oh and great twist at the end. Really good film from Denis Villeneuve.
  4. JayZz

    What places in the world would you like to visit

    Ialways wanted visit Switzerland
  5. JayZz

    Any resident PC builders... will my new PC work?!

    Researching parts is lots of fun, building slightly less so, especially when you think you have everything and then you don’t. That's why I always order electronic details on https://eltra-trade.com/catalog/burkert . This company supplying equipment throughout the world and product range...
  6. JayZz

    Room Temperature in winter

    What temperature do you consider to be most ideal for room temp.?
  7. JayZz

    Online business? Where should I start?

    I want to start an online business and hopefbuully be my own boss some day, however I’m not sure where to start. Any entrepreneurs here?
  8. JayZz

    Looking for a good smartphone.

    Galaxy Note 8. I do not consider any smartphone brand to be the best, but Samsung's Galaxy S series contains some very solid all-around phones
  9. JayZz

    Blockchain technologies

    that's a good question. There's a potential use in payments and in smart contracts. I found useful publisher advertising network that can boost crypto business and attract target audience. Luckily they have flexible pricing models, I'm gonna use their services in the near future. I'm working on...
  10. JayZz

    Your favourite music.

  11. JayZz

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Started Long Way Up finally last night, such a feel good show and have such envoy for the pair of them.
  12. JayZz

    Building an app

    I have an app idea and want to know more about the process of building an app. Any tips and recommendations for beginners?
  13. JayZz

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Two doors down is a hidden gem. Some great comedy!
  14. JayZz

    What Series Are You Watching?

    Just started watching Raised by Wolves. Not sure what I make of the first episode; a little strange but glad I can binge watch 9 more episodes to see how it plays out
  15. JayZz

    How much of a threat is my microwave oven?

    Is microwave radiation harmful? I know a nurse who does not own a microwave for this reason. What are your thoughts?