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Hey guys. If your reading this, you must either have a lot of interest in old and inactive members or be bored. No matter which one, you want to know about me, so here it goes!

You should probably know that I have as good as quit Serebii, and will probably not be coming back. I still play Pokémon, but just not competitively. I would like to thank a few people who made my competitive experience special.

Psycho Cut - You led the first clan which I really enjoyed and felt a part of, as well as the second. When BA closed, down, I drifted between clans (THEY'RE STILL CLANS TO ME) for a while until CG opened. And the closing of that began my decline into inactivity. Thank you so much for making me feel at home in your wonderful clans.

Mcdanger - You were the guy who I really looked up to in competitive terms. As well as being a flawless battler, you were a genuinely nice guy, and always tolerated my incessant asking for battles.

SneaselFTW/legolover - Without a doubt my best friend on the forums, you were a genuinely nice guy as well.

Thank you so much to these people, and many more, Lost, Magic, Prohawk, Ninja Dewott and Shadow to name but a few. Thank you so much for an amazing time, and goodbye.

Jazz is out, PEACE!

Playing Pokemon of course!
Feb 3, 2001 (Age: 22)
Favourite Pokémon
I am a secondary school student


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