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  • Imma offer you my Ditto for your Crawdaunt and either your Mandibuzz or your Starmie.

    Ditto provides you with the best revenge killer in the game, as it can steal opponents boosts, and outspeed 100% of the time with a choice scarf. It can alos completely reverse the momentum of a game. It's the most satisfying feeling on the planet to take a boosted Salamences sweep right out from under it's nose. Outspeed and OHKO with outrage, and turn their sweep into your own. You dont need both Mandibuzz AND Starmie, because you only need one Spinner/Defogger. Crawdaunt is a low tier mon with no realistic use, I only want it because it's one of my favorite pokemon, and you'd be robbing me if you just gave Starmie or Mandibuzz.
    I'mma offer you Kyruem for your Celebi, reason being ice wrecks most of your mons, and you don't have a dragon.
    It also can be a very good revenger, and can be annoying with a sub roost set. walls a lot of common mons such as trevenant.
    well mandibuzz is the only hard counter to all aegislash sets that i know of. it also knows defog which clears all hazards and screens on your field and your opponents field and cant be spin blocked except by taunt and is one of the best bulky users of the move. it has alot of annoying moves like taunt, swagger, toxic, foul play, whirlwind and knock off (which was buffed) it also can wall mega gengar, a huge pain to teams that use ANY defensive mons. it has great speed for a wall which is good for the bulky offensive meta we are in, so it can taunt any walls or set up sweepers. Overcoat also got a buff which makes it immune to spore and sleeppoweder (breloom and amoonguss counter)as well as sand and hail.

    over all it is an amazing wall, the best hazard remover in the game (arguably mew and excadrill are just as good) and it walls aegislash the most dangerous wall breaker in the game.
    I've been doing well. The transfer to gen 6 has really been rough on me, though. I just can't make a good singles team...

    Well, my last team has been better, but it's still got some distance to go, I think.
    OK, yeah, this sucks, but I'm taking PERMANENT leave from Serebii. I though ASB seemed interesting and wanted to get back in for that, but my ref hasn't reffed in about a month, even though he's been online and I vm'd him bleh bleh bleh. Rant over
    So yeah, when I saw Br come back I was like 'yeah, sounds good, that guild was great!' until I remember the reason I left it, and all other guilds.
    1. I don't have the time
    2. I found it boring, and repetitive. Pokemon games are fun, and I'll play X, but competitive seems boring
    So yeah, see ya Serebii. I'll miss ya
    Deadly Nightshade (Jazz Hands)
    P.S. Congrats on moddership mcdanger, you deserve it!
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