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    I'm not looking to gain from helping you Jazz. I just thought I'd be nice. Lol. My friend code is 3996 6802 6472 if you want to add me and organize a trade with me.
    About your question which is fave Dark type
    it has to be skuntank since it's half dark and poison if not Spiritomb.
    Sorry i cant come the connection is bad i cant come i think you should put it on the GTS i will pick it up tommorow
    And so no one else gets it say you want a male one lv 20-30
    How is yours like? Mine is Sassy nature with 252 Hp 200 Atk 56 Sp Def. With the moves Wish , Protect , Payback and Curse. So what I do is send it to a not super effective special attacker then start to use curse multiple time and wish + protect duo for heals and then with the 200 atk ev , curses attack raise + paybacks damage the slower you are or somehing like that (also curse lowers speed) = massive damage.
    I dont have a Wifi connection right now because i with my aunt and hers doesnt work but i know a place in town. So how we trade. GTS or we get each other game number and trade
    how about insead i trade a cranidose fior your shieldon

    P.S. If you can get shieldon fossils in your game you cant find cranidose fossils in the underground
    Yeah, Gastly looks like a big ball of fog with fog aroudn it. He is a Poison type too, so it can be Poison gas that they're made of
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