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Jazz Pocket
Last Activity:
Nov 21, 2016
Nov 17, 2009
Likes Received:
Oct 8, 1986 (Age: 33)
United States. Ocean City

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Jazz Pocket

Dark Type Specialist, 33, from United States. Ocean City

Jazz Pocket was last seen:
Nov 21, 2016
    1. huray6
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    2. faethemoose
      Hello it's been a long time.
      How are things?
    3. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      You're welcome.
    4. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Thanks for the friend request :)
    5. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      Hey want to join a group i just made. It is called DARK TYPE FAN CLUB. It just started so it is not big.
    6. Vinn Croix
      Vinn Croix
      I'm not looking to gain from helping you Jazz. I just thought I'd be nice. Lol. My friend code is 3996 6802 6472 if you want to add me and organize a trade with me.
    7. Rosemary
      About your question which is fave Dark type
      it has to be skuntank since it's half dark and poison if not Spiritomb.
    8. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      Sorry i cant come the connection is bad i cant come i think you should put it on the GTS i will pick it up tommorow
      And so no one else gets it say you want a male one lv 20-30
    9. Kotone
      Yeah cause getting a shiny is hard itself
    10. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      Here is my platinum number
      Number:5413 8803 6049
      I already put your number in my pal pad
    11. Kotone
      How is yours like? Mine is Sassy nature with 252 Hp 200 Atk 56 Sp Def. With the moves Wish , Protect , Payback and Curse. So what I do is send it to a not super effective special attacker then start to use curse multiple time and wish + protect duo for heals and then with the 200 atk ev , curses attack raise + paybacks damage the slower you are or somehing like that (also curse lowers speed) = massive damage.
    12. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      I dont have a Wifi connection right now because i with my aunt and hers doesnt work but i know a place in town. So how we trade. GTS or we get each other game number and trade
    13. Kotone
      I trained one in platinum he rocks
    14. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      how about insead i trade a cranidose fior your shieldon

      P.S. If you can get shieldon fossils in your game you cant find cranidose fossils in the underground
    15. Kotone
      I take it you like umbreons.
    16. Dragonite Doom
      Dragonite Doom
      Anyway since you have shieldon do need a cranidose
    17. Kotone
      Ahhh cool , it's certainly better than some other people I know
    18. Kotone
      Nah but you sound a little too polite
    19. Kotone
      No it's fine really I like friends. I didn't mean it that way XD
    20. Cubones_Mother
      Yeah, Gastly looks like a big ball of fog with fog aroudn it. He is a Poison type too, so it can be Poison gas that they're made of
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  • About

    Oct 8, 1986 (Age: 33)
    United States. Ocean City
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Been into Pokemon since 12 years old. Fan of the Dark Type Pokemon.

    Anime, Video Games, Art, History, Technology, Movies, Paranormal.



    Looking To Obtain
    ;251; Celebi
    ;382; Kyogre
    ;384; Rayquaza

    "If you battle using your favorite Pokémon simply because they're you faves, copy and paste this into your sig."
    -Started by Lucario Master Chris

    "I believe competitive battling should be with your favorite pokemon , not with pokemon that are just powerful , no pokemon is better than another , its how you use them."
    -Started by frozenthrone101