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  • Hello! I was wondering if your location was a reference to the Owl City song "Alligator Sky". Cause if so, I just wanted you to know that I LOVE Owl City, and was wondering if you wanted to be friends! ;3
    All done!

    Top - http://i44.*******.com/1zdbog.png
    Bottom - http://i41.*******.com/jaw421.gif

    Thankyou! Cx will do right away. Soz ive not finished that last lickie yet, been uber busy :( )
    (sorry! :S)
    Hey (^.^)/
    It usually changes, but right now theyre Elgyem and Luxray... I think :p
    Awww, you get an extra week off? :S Sooooo lucky! I hoping to get a tan in this weather but I know I wont :(
    Awwwww yeeeeaaaah :D Im so glad Murray won, though Im not usually a fan of tennis - only watched this match, but I didn't think hed win TBH.
    I guess all those horrible, snowy days in Spring and Winter have paid off for this *sweats from wonderful warmness* Im kinda hoping it lasts till Christmas... Stupid August, but at least the summer holidays will be BOILING :)
    Yeah, it was great, especially with this lovely heatwave in little ol' England :'D Im getting onto the rest of the lickies now ;)
    Also, I forgot to mention that Typhlosion and Jirachi are totally BEAST :D
    Hiya, sorry I didn't reply (was camping). To be honest, I cant say I have a fave, but I love Glaceon, Torchic, Squirtle, Jirachi and Marshtomp :) How about you? Well, Im kinda guessing its Jirachi as of the subtle hints... :D
    Hey EJF, what's good with you? How have you been? What days/times are you usually free? I was wondering if you wanted to have a battle sometime soon.
    Thanks much. I'm working on getting your new stuff up... like I should have done a month ago...
    Hey, Jira, sorry to bother you, but can you but the buttons in the post before? It's a double post, and I don't want to fire (or whatever it would be called) you or risk the shop closing down.
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