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  • I have a question that I don't think it would be too much. Any good anime's you would recomend
    Make her buy you leather bdsm gear, they're techinically clothes.

    Anythings better than that. I could seriously go on a several page rant about the current state of music and why 14/15 of the thing making it into the top 100 are puke-inducing, and the few that remain are unlikely to become favorites anytime soon.
    How could use miss an opportunity to make people buy you anal beads vidya gaemz?

    The only problem is how they'll still be playing it in February.
    Your penis is probably the one who sat you down with Eiken, School Days, Crimson Climax, Bible Black, and many other bad echiis and hentai's you'd be better off forgeting.

    The Christmas atmosphere is enjoyable, I'm glad I actually waited until December to put up decorations unlike some other dirty criminal scum who shan't be named.
    You need to go back and finish it.

    Gurren Lagann isn't mecha, it's manly. They also kill a bunch of furries so yeah.

    If you don't you'll be the one Higurashi fan(or horror anime fan, for that matter) on Earth who isn't also a Future Diary
    I pity you, taking so long to discover Higurashi.

    I'm starting to think that I might be the anime watching veteran here. No Future Diary, no Gurren Lagann, no Pani Poni Dash...
    I gave you three nominations.

    But my second anime was Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which remains my favorite to until I saw Gurren Lagann to this day.
    I'm already predicting Facetious crying about losing then Profesco bending over like a ***** andhaving a rigged re-vote.

    Come to think of it, it's strange the first thing I watched was an anime aimed at veterans insted of newcomers.
    It'll need to be if she hopes to take on both of us.

    I wish I had more time to devote to games, but with 9/10 pages of anime to watch, it just ain't happening. I remember that I was in the middle of 100%ing Sonic Heroes when I watched my first anime(Lucky Star). Haven't touched the game since.
    I got a plan, you go at her first and see how she feels at the end. If shes still got energy at that point, I'll go second, then Window-san will go last if she can still make it after that. If she can't get through you, we'll retest in a few days, this time going from least(window) to most (jb-sama). This way we'll be able to gage her exact endurance level.

    Unreasonalbe time limits? I you eant to talk about those, try getting "Greased Lightning" in Sonic Generations. Beat Green Hill Act 1 in less than 60 seconds it says. Good god, I was constantly pausing my game while doing this to look at the video guide I'd pulled up, because missing one opportunity to spin dash without dropping yourself into a pit could not be missed if you wanted any hope at this.
    You can never have enough of either of those things, as King World taught me when I visited his aquatic fortress oer Thanksgiving break. Food wasn't the only thing I was stuffing down my mouth that Thanksgiving, let me tell you.

    If you're are not a world class speed runner at this point I will be dissapointed in you. But then again, I had 600+ hours clocked in on one of my Pokemon Pearl files, and nowadays I can't even name all 8 gym leaders of the top of my head.
    Maybe we should come to a compromise and agree to share Rika to avoid deadly conflict?

    I think I'm at something in the high 7 thousands, 100%ing Sonic Generations really pushed me up there.
    For Window-kun.

    "Most"? Try all, full grown men are too busy to spend hours cheating in online video games.

    Stupid ****ing aspies ruining my xbox live. Is there anywhere safe from these morons? And "40 Gamerscore"? ****, it'll take him 20 minutes to get that back.
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