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  • And when that Knock Off Pokemon dies work.

    I understand that you never made your no move eeveelution team.

    It's real, just not official.

    >hairys beavers

    R we talking about pogeyman or wimmin LOLOLOLOLOOLLLLL

    Poor me? I'm shitting all over those Slowbros with Knock Off, no problems here.

    >straightfag tries to talk about sex he couldn't possibly understand

    Uh, badheartitis.

    Many people, unintentionally.

    Poor guys.

    No, feeling good.

    I've never mellowed out before. It got me a self-diagnosed heart condition, but whatevsss...
    Humping semen stains is even weirder.

    Do you really want to have that battle though. You're waiting just as long as the other guy, and probably not having any more fun even if you're set to win.


    I'll never mellow out!

    Truly pushing the industry forward.
    I've heard of CBT fetishes, but this is a new extreme.

    Things that set come in on it, not the other way around.


    No fug dat, when you reach my age, you'll realize that there's nothing wrong with the obvious choice.

    >scrolling on that webpage
    I hope this technology is put into their PC gaem.
    Fug mono and fug pokemon.

    Not if I'm setting up all over your Slowbro.

    I do after seeing this.

    >any Mario grill
    >not waifu material

    I have a tv with a headphone jack.

    Movefus and waifus aren't the same thing.

    You only get 16 Slack Offs baka. Why even have Heal Pulse, since it can't target yourself.

    Yeah, Liepard has Prankster. Assist can't summon certain moves, and that team is composed entirely of those moves and Roar so all that gets summoned is Roar. It's dependent on an Imposter Ditto to set up hazards though, because Stealth Rocks and Spikes aren't among the blocked moves. You also have to use the other five pokemon within Assist's parameters to deal with counters(Ghosts, things with priority that outspeed Liepard).

    Trying to trade for a Moody Bibarel. Got any yourself?
    That doesn't make sense. There are two speakers.

    >yfw when the [Type] Gem items become competitivly the only item in the entire game just to counter knock off

    The Leppa Berry can't be Recycled if it's knocked off, only if Slowbro eats it.
    Ok: it sucks **** and it ****ing sucks. Gamecube era-games let you switch between mono and stereo for some reason, don't know if it's still like that today.

    Is sanic two the one where there's a pre finalboss fight with a metal Sanic prototype. I don't think i've ever beaten that one.

    >implying you'll ever need more than a single hit to kill with a 98 base power attack

    Hey man, gyms can be cold if people aren't exercising in them.
    It still counts.


    Base power was buffed to 65 with a 50% boost on top of that if an item is actually taken off bringing the power up to 98 without stab. Mega Stones can't be knocked away however, but If enemy has Sticky Hold, the power boost will still come in even if though they kept their item. Keep in mind these items are gone the entire battle, and I think it's safe to say that there's competitive value to it now.
    >not looking at my profile
    >not knowing that I lived through a year and a half of the 90's

    B-but it was in the item world-!

    Did you know that Knock Off was buffed in gen 6?


    >getting the worst ending
    Jesus jaybay, all you had to do was not get friendly fire. Was killing someone who you were supposed to be allied with that difficult? Well, now you can play Life and Hometown: Retribution in any case.
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