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  • >not Vyers

    The Prinnies? Whatever you say dood.

    No, I mean the normal last chapter. 14-4 is the hardest normal map in the game, and the final is boss relatively harder than either of the Kurtis fights if you don't use a cheap strategy.
    Speaking of Disgaea:

    >male healer in Disgaea 1
    >completly inferior to the female healer, noone uses him
    >doesn't even come back for Disgaea 2
    >tries to bring him back in Disgaea 3
    >make him some kind of brown elf prison escapee
    >still noone uses him, doesn't come back in Disgaea 4
    >Disgaea D2
    >NIS finally knows what to do
    >make it a trap

    The powers that be want you to get your shiz together and beat D1 and SK.

    And since you can't watch it evidently, my battle ends with my Mega Aggron living a Critical Hit Close Combat from a Life Orb Lucario to kill it with Earthquake(took the hit with 147/177 hp, came out with 12/177 if it interests you).
    It will. The second hax will be an Ice Punch freeze though.

    I wanna catch something coming out of "there"!

    There is no heat, only mugginess. Cold mugginess.

    >implying I need a school to teach me about pee pees and hoo hoos

    Not fast enough, that's why he's dead now.

    Blue Ralts commits rape while supposed to be doing math, news at 11.
    Not if I carry a Cheri Berry.

    She's talking about poop! Icky!

    I don't know mane but it's cold enough to have frost on the grass and to see your own breath.

    Obviously you didn't learn it properly.

    No is Sanic.
    Fug it, I'll just get Dusknoir and Taunt+Ice Punch you into the ground.

    This gif is a male power fantasy. It shows a stronk wimmin trying to punch out the patriarchy(color coded with pink hair, the color of sexual organs) only to be shoved off and exploited sexually, as often happens in real life..

    There's no snow in Gore Jiya.

    How would you know, you've not studied gynecology.

    With Heat Wave there's little you can do to MAggron. Stone Edge will rip it to pieces, and SR will only make it easier.

    The east is cold!

    That's slang.

    Not quite, but pretty evil.
    U-turn is resisted by Fairys, it's a neutral hit that can't even do 40% to a MGardevoir with no Bulk investment. Brave Bird or Flare Blitz are always going to do more, and might 1HKO if Talonflame is boosed(either through items or boosting moves).

    I wanna smell something!

    Cervical Mucus, i'm sure it's somewhere in there.

    So now I'm going to start the evil story and realize that evil is truly the master race.
    Your Steel Wing Talonflame is not a MGardevoir counter jaybay, quit pogeyman forever.

    I wanna grab some boobs!

    Well, else are you gonna consult the book to learn the scientific term for "pussy juice"?
    Guess I will be able to win after all.

    No! Biting is not my thing! Bondage is kind of meh by itself!

    Just go to ****ing library and get a gf to play doctor with. You'll be on track in no time.
    Jaybay, not a single of these pokemon placed lower in the Gen 5 tiers than borderline excluding the one Pokemon that didn't exist in Gen 5. Just because it's not a literal copypaste of things out of Smogons top usage list doesn't mean it's some kind of experimental crazy ****. You're probably less orthodox than me.


    Study gynecology extensively as a start.
    My Blot Strike, Blue Flare Rotom-Oven is better.

    I'm not so sure about that!

    Step it up.

    Is Google trying to snipe the Golden Poo award from EA?
    >beat Senran KAgura
    >unlocks full camera control in the dressing room and clothing destruction sequences
    >unlock ability to blow on the microphone(the 3ds has a microphone?) in the dressing room

    Truly the goty.
    No one cares about your hacked Endeavor Garchomp, stfu.


    Her backers better hope so. She's gonna need another decade to get the rest of the video series out, so she can't be dying prematurely do to smoking some bad crack.
    I even it so hard that I finished training muh Garchomp. Need to decide it's coverage move and item still.



    So a new Tropes v Wimmin video came out earlier this week and I've literally not seen one thread on /v/ about it. Truly Anita was a fad.
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