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    Speeds aren't consistent.


    **** those guys, dude! I'm completely awwright bro.

    It is so.

    Those brave 4chanians, tricking people too dumb to save themselves on their own into accidently saving themselves.

    Don't worry man, WMDs are only getting stronger as time goes on. They'll be a catosrophic accident eventually that put and end to all one day. Hopefully. With luck.

    I don't have a Lanturn.

    Can you prove it?

    You're being too short-sighted.

    Probably only a couple years less than you. Although according to experts, I'm a high risk for suicide. But fug experts, they can't tell a pinkie toe from a discolored nipple.]

    At mcdonalds.

    I tried trading for a Dewgong on the gts a few weeks ago. I don't think I got one.

    I'm pretty sure they do, jaybay.


    Only in my head, so they don't spread as easily.

    WOW such ambition truly impress
    Lanturn is an Electric Pokemon.


    Well, that depends on what you consider his canon speed. In SA, I'm pretty sure the only other character he outspeeds is Amy. But in Heroes, he's on par with Knuckles, Omega, Victor, Tails, Rouge, Cream and Charmy.


    Shitty Trash DiseaseS.

    You respect for your own race is truly unparalleled.
    Why not?


    You're like Big the Cat.

    That doesn't lessen the domination.

    I'd be wary of cans you find hanging around a junkyard. Germs and **** tend to get all up inside them.

    Take it into photoshop and add you're shade to it then. Make sure to include a picture.
    >go to look at Dragonite's spdef vs phys def
    >see that fat Iris again
    It was only 5 points greater anyway.


    But you can roll around at the speed of sound.

    Just look at all the English in animu.


    That's not on the chart.
    It's more powerful and 4x SE.

    No they don't, they're talking about the proportions.

    But asians invented Sanic shoes to go fast.

    >any catgirl who is not bald has fur
    >catgirls are furry
    >furry is mainstream fetish in animu

    It's increasingly becoming that way.

    But what about cans.

    Cow isn't a shade of brown.
    I wouldn't be so sure. Choice Specs Blizzards from a Lantern couldn't 1HKO from the level I was at.

    Doesn't make it kid food.

    Only if they can't run fast enough.

    No, am hairy. Fur is only used when referencing animuls.

    >not knowing that everyone in the world has been using the incorrect pronunciation
    >not knowing that it's said Sa-Suk, with the e being silent and not altering any other part of the word

    How can you claim that if you haven't 100%ed the game?
    Hey, without hyposis, I might never have beaten Lance. Don't knock Drowzee.

    That's regular food in small proportions, pull your head out of your butt.

    >implying asian grills don't flee at the sight of you because they're aware of black crime statistics

    Hurdur furry girl.

    >not wanting to fug Sasuke

    The tits were clogging up all a lot of space, it couldn't be helped.
    Jesus Christ just catch a Drowzee.

    There is no such thing. Food is food. Baby food exists though.

    Do you think that makes you unique? Special? Ha! You may as well brag about the fact that drink water, breath with your lungs and get sick when attacked by viruses.


    No one wants to hear about your T-wave/Hone Claws/Dragon Rush Bulky Dragonite Jaybay.

    >the male winner is a character who's animu only came out this year
    Truly wimminz lack of faithfulness is unparalleled, even to husbandos. I shall continue fapping to Persona 4 characters until the end of time!

    I *****d myself out on the street corner and got the money for Life and Hometown: The Reckoning. I had to delete my Sanic, Ace Attorney and Pokemon MD demos to make room for it, but I anticipate it being worth it.
    When has anyone ever lost to a enemy team grunt? I don't think it's possible. I can't remember it ever happenening to me, and I used to get stuck on pretty much EVERY boss when playing pokemon.

    Grid food.

    Ore no Jaybay ga Konnani Homo wake ga nai


    I managed to get one batch from him and a Jolly female with Outrage and Rough Skin. As soon as I get every IV i need circulating among the Gible's, I'm gonna cut him out of the breeding process. I hope this first batch has them all...
    >implying grunts could stop peta

    Transdimensional food.

    Owari naki tabi no tochuu tachidomarisou na toki

    Wutever maeks you the happiest.

    So, this Aggron breeding thing wasn't working the fug out. He had like a 20% chance of generating an egg every 255 steps because he was a different species and same ID as the gible, and things were being shitty so I changed my plans.
    But Peta thinks owning pets should be a crime. I don't own pets. You're the one on their bomb list.


    Can you feel life moving through your mind?

    Are deez nuts your nuts or someone elses?

    Until they die, then they're mushy.

    It wasn't enough, it's never enough. Senran Kagura is as valuable as a bijillion tons of gold.

    Pregnancy? Not particularly.

    Well, straight men anyway.

    *turns music up*
    I don't think so. After I had to give up my pet chickens when I moved to Georgia, I decided to never own another pet so I wouldn't have to be sad when I say goodbye to them. Before that'd I had a dog that had to be euthenized for aggression problems, another dog who we had to give away because our living situation was too cramped to be comfortable for it, a third dog we had to give up because the it's original owners contacted the shelter we got him(he had become lost) from literally the day after we bought him. I've also owned beta fish off and on, but never really cared about them.


    Why did you zoom in on pregnancy anyway? Is there some kind of fetish dwelling within your brain?

    Get started right now.

    Well, I was lying so it's fine. Hrmph.
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