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  • >reading
    >using greentext outside of furchain
    >making me a hypocrate
    >a crate of hippos

    "fug dat"- said Obongo

    He'll just make her have a misscarriage and go about his business.

    >making promises you have no intention of keeping

    I know knife dance, it's even better.
    >jaybay doesn't know bleach is a manga
    >nigrogerian intellect

    Why would he do that when he can spend his time being rich?

    >has nothing to say about Gecko Moria impregnating his mum

    Do it then.

    It can't even learn Swords Dance.
    By removing your soul, and putting it inside stuffed animal like that thingamajig from bleach. Then you'll just be a body.

    He doesn't give a fug, he's too busy being rich as fug.

    >jaybay's face when the only reason Gecko Moria lost is because he became a lazy fatass after his whole crew died
    >jaybay's face when he spent the entire timeskip in hiding training his strength and is now buff as fug
    >jaybay's face when he stops using zombies for anything other than gruntwork because of how easy they are to purify, and starts fugging people up himself
    >jaybay's face when Gecko Moria becomes the protagonist of a spinoff manga
    >jaybay's face when Gecko Moria becomes the Kaizoku Ou
    >jaybay's face when Gecko Moria impregnates Perona, Nami, Robin, Hancock, all the mermaids on Fishman Island, jaybay's dead bird waifu(via an artificial embryo constructed with her dna), Tashigi, Big Mam and Jaybay's mom

    Neither will you make a team without moves.

    Why would Altaria know Swords Dance?
    It's a corruption of "*****", a female dog.


    Then why don't you like Gecko Moria, the antagonist of the best Arc?

    ...He could if I took off the choice band and swapped U-turn for Roost

    But I bred him myself. I specifically remember chain breeding with an Altaria and then a Dratini specifically to get both DD and Outrage. It was my first time every breeding for egg moves. Wut the fug is hebbening.
    I'm gonna make you into a body, biyacth.

    Typical negrogerian, no sense of honor, self-respect. Truly an inferior life form.

    Make a team without them then. And then Bird Sapp the Staraptor will 6-0 you.

    I swear I've had a DD Garchomp before, wut the fug is going on.
    >making it yourself
    If that happens I'll complain to your boss and he'll fire you.

    Hey man, cut him some slack. His whole crew got killed by Kaido and he had to fug Perona every day to get over the grief for years.

    No, it's gonna mate with my Aggron that has all it's IVs. After I get the moves I need.
    lol I can't believe that

    you should never cook with the handle sticking out over the oven like that, you could accidentally knock it and burn yourself. safety first yo
    Clean the **** out of your memory, you said eat.

    I think muh dick will be long and hard.

    Gecko Moria has the most versatile DF.

    I got one. My 5th MoxieDos was the charm.
    You said you made it yourself.

    Oh fug, now that this is really happening, I need to think about the specifics.

    Oda confirmed in an early Q&A that Devil Fruit powers apply to genitals. I think he was specifically asked if Buggy's dong could disattach itself, or if Luffy's could stretch long distances.

    I don't think there's enough characters in the trade note to identify both the Eevees specifications and my desire for Rough Skin on the Gabite. What kind of low down bastard disregards the trade notes anyway? Who parented these sociopaths?
    Are you toasting it with your fugging body heat, jaybay?

    Can you make them lewd instead?

    Electrical conductors, like Luffy's dick.

    I guess that's how yearly sports games keep selling.

    I'm gonna offer up a Moxie Gyarados and say please in the trade message, I'm sure I'll get the first time around.
    It doesn't matter who makes it, it still takes the same amount of time.

    goback2college u fuggin witchdoctor scammer

    Not if u insulate the vag.

    I presumblely paid something for it so I might as well.

    Sounds like you ran ammock a happy merchant. Poor dude.
    Takes too long to prepare.

    >telling other people what they want
    You should become a psychiatrist

    Just shove an extension cord in their, it'll be fine.


    Fug no. Wheat bread makes me sick, sourdough or white for me.

    Who'd want to remember that?

    >jaybay can't play vidya without a womb

    I didn't see anything about that on the box.
    You got to school? Ok?

    I'm a month long flashback for your mom of getting ****ed in the butt.

    What's a Go game?

    But then how did they release Shadow the Hedgehog?
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