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  • I suppose that's one of Lull's main points: ambiguity and clarity. When something is supposedly resolved, it sometimes ends up bringing up more questions. (Plus it ending entirely clear is just odd for Lull's narrative, and it ending totally ambiguous would probably get me killed by my other readers.) I am glad that it did manage to end on a relatively solid, satisfying ending.

    Thanks for the catch! I will edit it soon. I'm glad you enjoy reading it and feel satisfied with the results.

    I didn't know you read HLBMA. Thanks for reading that mess, too. =P
    That's an interesting way to find it. I'm glad my story wasn't bad enough to make fun of. ;) I actually haven't scoured ff.net for Fortuneshipping stories lately, but I can imagine how painful it still must be.
    Thanks. =) Though I am curious: If you dislike fanfics, how did you stumble on my story? =P

    I actually haven't read enough of the Pokémon Special manga to have a fair opinion on it.
    Hi, and sorry if I'm bothering you, but I enjoy visiting your Pokemon Special gallery and I know it was recently moved, but what's the link to the new site?
    Oh my God, do we really meet again? xD But thanks for helping my point ^__^, nice to see you here! And well at least we always agree apparently. XD
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