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  • I've been using Xat for years, and I've never seen that happen. I really don't know what to tell. Try Googling it.
    Sorry, I was watching a video (it was a bit longer than I thought). It's about the Pixar Theory if you're interested.

    Anyway... I really have no idea how to respond to what you said on the chat. We're in similar situations; life may suck now, but it will get better in time. Whatever you do, do not listen to that... I don't think there's a word in English to describe him. Not one that's good enough, anyway. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but he should probably take his own advice.

    Again, sorry.
    Thanksgiving's already over for me, we have it in October. And sure I'll add you. What's your pic of cause there's 4 people with the name JC-Kane.
    I finally updated the points. It's a good thing you decided to stay. I'll also mark your inactivity, should we have a member sweep while you're gone.

    iirc you just talked about leaving :0

    Anyways, you seem kinda intent on feeling that way so maybe it's for the best? Posts do tend to get buried, but that happens to everyone. Try and get a bit more savvy on terms and join another guild in the future tho, huh? More members anywhere means more competish and that's always fun. Good luck in the future!
    JC, if you don't wanna be apart of the clan anymore you gotta let it be known you cant just leave without a word Dx
    That's kind of the point of my badges. They're made to look like the entire Pokemon instead of the head :/. Use Frost's if you wish, I don't care.
    I have finished your request at Flower Paradise Graphics, please pick it up. Thank you for choosing us and we hope you come again!
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